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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


14. Meeting Holly, Hate, Confess

(Ashley's POV)

Anne I guess does like me and Harry really loves me. I wish there was another girl around Gemma went somewhere so she isn't going to be here so I am the only girl here besides Anne but she is leaving for a week so it's just going to be Harry and I. I am scared because I haven't been with a guy alone that long. Just because I was the popular one back in school doesn't mean I dated every guy. I dated a few jocks but I kept away from them or else I could've did something I would've regretted doing. I wish I had real friends not fakes. I got a text from Niall.

Niall: Hey do you and Harry wan to hangout with Holly and I ?




Me: Sure Niall




Niall: Alright we'll go out to eat.




Me: K




Niall: Are you okay?






Me: yes..






Niall: No you're not tell me Ashley !







Me: Niall, I've always liked you and when you and Jennifer were dating I cried myself to sleep knowing I can't be your princess.







Niall: We should've went with the promise, I LOVE you Ashley and I cried too because Harry had my princess to take care of.





Me: Can we be more than best friends like mega best friends?





Niall: Of course Ashley <3






Me: Can't wait for tour to start !




Niall: Where We Are Tour (:





Me: I can't wait Nialler (:



Niall: Well I'm going to pick up Holly, I'll text you when I get her so get ready now.







Me: Yes sure.







Niall: Bye bye






Me: Bye





(Harry's POV)





My mum really likes Ashley. Mum leaves tonight and won't be back for a week. Ashley said that we are going to hang out with Niall and Holly so we have to get ready to go. I haven't met Holly and now I get to so I'm kind of nervous. Yes, I'm nervous about meeting another girl because I want Niall to know he can trust me around her like I do Ashley. Niall, Liam and I are really close.




 I'm going to wear my tank top with skinny jeans. Ashley is going to wear skinny jeans with her white British flag shirt. Her hair is in a braid. She looks really cute dressed like that. I looked at myself one more time and went downstairs with Ashley to wait for Niall.





(Ashley's POV)





"Harry, Niall and Holly are here!"



I ran outside and it was raining. I introduced myself to Holly.




  "Hello Holly I'm Ashley."




Holly - "Hello Ashley I'm Holly."



I hugged Niall and he didn't let go until Harry came outside. I ran to Harry and hugged him and told him I loved him.



Harry - "Are you okay Ashley because you hardly cry when you hug me or kiss me."



I nodded.



Harry - "Ashley please tell me what's wrong I promise I won't get mad."





"Harry, I like Niall but I do love you more it's just that I really spent a lot of time with him and I kind of got to know him more."


He picked me up.



 Harry -  "Just please don't cheat on me with Niall that's all we need right now is somebody else cheating."



 "Harold  Styles I promise I won't cheat on you with anybody even Niall Horan."




He smiled and kissed me and we got in Niall's Range Rover and got to the restaurant . We got inside and we asked for a private room and we went in there and all these fans were outside screaming "Fuck Holly and Ashley, Niall and Harry should be with a real person."



Holly and I got up and ran outside.





"Well look Harry is happy with me so shut the fuck and leave us alone."






Holly - "We aren't even dating so shut the fuck up."



I ran to Holly and gave her a hug and she started crying and I walked both of us in and I sat her next to Niall and she cried on his shoulder the whole time we were there . We all just decided to go home and watch a movie together. When the movie was over they were about to leave.


Harry - "Hey you guys are welcomed to stay here mums not going to be home."



They agreed and came inside and they slept in the guest bedroom and Harry and I slept in our room. Harry began singing "Irresistible" I love that song and I closed my eyes and thought about the girls at the restaurant.

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