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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


13. Meeting Anne

(Ashley's POV)

I woke up to the smell of pancakes yummy. I went downstairs and Harry was cooking and he had an apron that said "Kiss The Cook." I went over to him.



I tried to grab a plate of pancakes.



Harry - "Not until you kiss the cook you can't eat."




I acted like I was going to kiss him and I took the food from him.




Harry - "Just wait I will get you back later."




 "Try to Styles just try to."



He looked at me then he walked over to me and poured flour on my head. I squealed.



"Hell no Styles this isn't over yet."




 Harry - "Hi mum good morning want something to eat, Ashley just loves flour so she rolled around in it."




  "Hi Anne I'm Ashley and I don't really like flour Harry threw some on me because I didn't kiss him this morning."




Anne - "Sweetie you can take a shower if you want to I'll deal with Harold."



I smiled and nodded and headed for Harry and I's bedroom, and I seen my phone light up. I looked to see who it was and it was Niall. I wasn't going to call him back until I got out of the shower because I would have more time to talk to him. I walked to the bathroom and I hopped into the shower and washed my hair out good and washed my body. I came out and I forgot to get clothes so I was in a towel going down the hallway to the bedroom. I walked in and got my clothes and got dressed and called Niall.



ME : Hello

NIALL : Hey Ashley

ME : Did you need something

NIALL :  "crying"

ME : Niall what's wrong

NIALL : "crying" I'm the only one that's single in the band and I feel bad because you got hate on Twitter for something my dumbass did

ME : Niall I'm fine I can ignore it

NIALL : Nope that's like dating Jennifer nope nope nope not going to happen

ME : Niall if you need anything at anytime of the day just call or text me I'm always going to be here for you

NIALL : Okay I will bye Ash

ME : Bye Nialler


(Harry's POV)

 "Mum, so do you like her?"




Mum - "Harold I just met her and she had flour on her head because of you and she is probably scared to come down here."




 "Mum I'll go check on her."





I went upstairs to mine and Ashley's bedroom and she was laying there staring at the ceiling. I walked over to her.




  "What's wrong Ashley?"





She looked at me with tears rolling down her face.




 Ashley - "Anne doesn't like me I'm not good enough for you."



  "Ashley she loves you and you aren't good enough for me you are perfect for me."


She got up from the bed and gave me a bear hug. She was still crying so I lifted her up and took her downstairs.



"Mum, Ashley's crying because she said you don't like her and she isn't good enough for me."



Mum - "Ashley I do like you and out of all the girlfriends he had you are my favorite, Harry wouldn't shut up he was always talking about you and he would come in my room at night crying because he missed you a lot."



Ashley looked at me and smiled and we hugged and I kissed her forehead.




(Niall's POV)


Tour starts in two months. I can't wait to see the lads again except Louis. I can't believe he did that to me again. I am going to ask Holly if she would like togo on a  date with  me.

 Me: Hey Holly would you like to go on a date with me


Holly: Yes I would love to



Me: Holly this means so much to me well I have to go but do you want to hangout with Harry, Ashley, and I later



Holly: Sure I would love to bye Niall

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