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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


22. I'm Back, Kicking Out

(Harry's POV)

When I put Ashley down I ran to the door to see who was there. I seen that my ex-girlfriend Taylor was standing there.



Taylor -  "I'm back."




  "What do you want Taylor?"


Taylor - "You."



 "Well I'm unavailable."





Taylor - "No you're not."



"Yes I am go away."



She walked right  by me into my flat. I walked in behind her.




"Taylor get the fuck out of my flat right now I don't like you anymore."




Ashley - "Harry why is Taylor here?"




"She walked in without permission from us."




Ashley - "Why the hell are you in Cheshire anyway bitch go home Harry doesn't like you and I don't like you."



Taylor - "I flew here to get back together with Harry."





"That was a waste a damn flight use I'm dating Ashley and I don't want to ruin it with a slut."




Ashley - "Get the hell out of Harry's house now bitch I will beat the shit out of you."



Taylor walked up to Ashley.




Taylor - "Make me."



Ashley slapped her in the face.



Ashley - "Get the hell out now bitch."



Taylor walked out the door.




Ashley - "Goodbye bitch."



I ran to Ashley and hugged her.




"You scared me more than you scared her."



She laughed and turned to Gemma.




Ashley - "Hi I'm Ashley."



Gemma - "Hi Ashley I'm Gemma and I like you already."




Ashley - "I'm glad you do."





Niall - "Well I'm hungry can we make something now?"



Ashley - "Of course Niall I'll make something."




Gemma - "Well I better be getting back to my flat I'll talk to you guys later."




I hugged her.




"Bye Gemma I'll see you soon."





She walked out the door and I sat on the couch. Liam came out of the guest room.



Liam - "Ashley I love you."



I turned towards him and gave him a weird look. Ashley was blushing and she ran upstairs.



"Niall and Zayn go check on Ashley."



They nodded and ran upstairs.




  "Liam what the hell."




Liam - "I like Ashley."




"She's mine."




 Liam - "Harry I know that but I like her and Allie broke up with me and Ashley has been on my mind a lot lately."




"Didn't you get the shit beaten out of you by a girl?"




 Liam - "Yes."



  "I don't know what to say Liam."




(Ashley's POV)


Wow nice timing Liam. I can't believe he just said that to me when all this just happened. I ran to mine and Harry's room and laid on the bed. Niall and Zayn walked in and laid next to me.





Zayn - "Ashley you are beautiful."



 "Thanks Zayn."





Niall - "You're perfect."



They both kissed my cheek at the same time.




Niall -  "Why?"



 "Why what?"



Niall - "Why did you choose Harry over all of us?"






"Nialll, you had Jennifer. Zayn had Nalick and Liam had Millie and Louis had Hannah. Josh was my brother so the only one left was Harry."



Niall - "Oh yeah."





Zayn - "Shoot."




"What are you guys trying to do?"



Zayn kissed me and guess what my dumb ass did I kissed him back.



"Zayn I'm with Harry I don't need to be with you."



I ran downstairs to Harry.






Harry - "WHAT?"






He ran upstairs. I sat next to Liam on the couch.



Liam - "I'm sorry Ashley I didn't need to say that."




"Liam I like you too but I'm with Harry."



He smiled and kissed my cheek.




Liam - "I'm tired."



"Goodnight Liam."




 Liam - "It's almost 4 a.m."







Liam - "Yes."



I kissed his cheek and laid on the couch.


(Harry's POV)


Maybe being with Ashley is a bad thing. I don't think I want  to be in a relationship right now. I walked to my room and sat on my bed.





Niall - "Harry are you okay?"



  "Niall I don't want to be with Ashley anymore."



Niall - "Woah why?"



"Niall it's too much right now and she's going behind my back and kissing everybody."



Zayn - "I kissed her she didn't see it coming."



"Well I don't know."




Niall - "Where is she going to go?"



"I don't know."




 Niall - "I'm telling Ashley and she is going to move in with me."




 "Niall wait I don't think Holly would like that."



Zayn - "She can live with me."








He nodded. I walked downstairs and walked to Ashley.



"Get out."




 Ashley - "What?"




"Its over, get out."



Her lip was shaking.



"It's time for you to get out."



She nodded and walked to my room. She got her suitcase and started packing her things. Niall and Zayn were helping here. I was texting my old friend.



(Ashley's POV)


Harry just broke up with me. I have no where to go and I'm scared to death. I just got done packing.



Zayn - "Ashley you can stay with me if you want?"


  "I would love to Zayn."


He smiled.




Zayn - "Well lets get out of here."


 "Oh shit I almost forgot my cat."


I picked up Angel and put her in her carrier. I ran to Zayn's car and hopped in.


Zayn - "Ready to go home?"







 I kissed him.




 Zayn - "Woah little lady that's for later."




I smiled.



"Its almost 5a.m."




 Zayn - "Shit we have practice in an hour."



 "Wow I guess you can take a shower and head to work then."


 Zayn - "You are coming too because I want Harry to see what he is missing."



 "Okay Zayn."




Zayn - "He's missing a lot."



  "I guess so."




He nodded and we finally got to his house and we decided to take a shower together and he washed me and I washed him and we both got out and blow dry our hair. We got done and we headed to out the door to Zayn's practice.

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