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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


10. I Promise

(Ashley's POV)

Harry and Niall finally came back from shopping. Harry gave me my Powerade, beef jerkey, and Pringles. I seen another bag but I was already fascinated by my food. Harry came over to me and kissed my nose.



 "I'm tired tonight Harry."



He nodded and he stripped out of his clothes and came to bed with me.  Harry sung "Little Things" .  I love it when he sings me  to sleep. I just laid there thinking why did Harry chose me over any girl in the world. I just hope we can stay together.


(Liam's POV)


Tomorrow morning Niall  and Harry have to wake up early and head to the airport. They  are getting Ashley's and Josh's parents and sister. Josh and Ashley have no idea what they are going to do but they will love it. All hell is going to break loose because Chloee likes Harry and Ashley's dating him. Chloee has two boyfriends but doesn't talk to either one of them. Niall and Harry have been gone all day and they just got home.


(Harry's POV)


Finally we found the perfect ring for Ashley. I am giving the rings to her when  her  and Josh's parents and little sister get here. Ashley told me a little bit about her and she doesn't like One Direction but she likes me. Well she isn't going to be very happy when we tell her that Ashley is dating me. While we were out shopping these girls came up to us and asked us where Ashley was.



"Why do you need to know?"




They said "We wanted pictures with her and you guys."



I smiled and walked away.


(Niall's POV)


This is it we have to go get Ashley's and Josh's parents and sister. Harry and I are the only one's going to get them because we don't want them to find out. I just hope this goes as planned and not out of control.  We got to the airport and we seen Chloee, Brenda, and Gregory. Wow I remembered their names fast. Chloee seen us and ran to Harry.




Chloee -"Okay here's the plan I sleep with you and we can call it a good time."



He slowly walked away and she isn't pretty though. Ashley is very beautiful and Chloee really isn't. I introduced myself to Brenda and Gregory. They are very nice people like Josh and Ashley. Chloee held Harry's hand but Harry kept letting go. Great now paparazzi are all over us and we have Chloee with us and they might think we are cheating and that would ruin the surprise.


We make our way to the hotel. Harry is already scared by Chloee and we really haven't really talked to her that much. All I can say is she is a slut. She has two boyfriends and she doesn't even care. We got to the hotel and nobody was up great. Ahaha Josh doesn't even know these people. 

At 9:00 we are going to get everybody up  and we are going to hide Brenda, Greg and Chloee in the bathroom.  Chloee is annoying as hell. She keeps trying to kiss Harry and he's getting mad at her. I wish she acted like Ashley and Josh. Ashley is kind of shy and she doesn't talk much. Josh he can talk up a storm sometimes but mostly shy.

Chloee is just rude, annoying, mean, and not as beautiful as Ashley. Holy shit it's 9:00. I push them all in the bathroom and I tell everybody to get up. I poked Louis' eye. Harry started kissing Ashley. I tickled Josh's feet. Harry messed up Zayn's hair. I smack Liam in the face with a pillow. When everybody got fully awake I opened the bathroom door and Brenda, Greg, and Chloee were standing there. Ashley ran over to them and gave them all hugs even Chloee.




Ashley - "Mum , dad and Chloee meet Josh my big brudder."


They all walked over to Josh and gave him a hug but Josh didn't hug Chloee he just patted her back. I don't think he likes her because he rolled his eyes when she hugged him. She wreaks of smoke. I hate smokers. Zayn quit smoking (THANK GOD).

"Josh, hang out with Chloee and get to know her better."

He glared at me but I knew he was pissed at me but it's his sister for goodness sake.  Why am I think about Ashley right now. WOW I need to keep my mouth shut if I'm going to keep thinking about Ashley.  I seen Ashley naked yesterday and that's why I am thinking about her a lot now.



(Ashley's POV)

Oh my god, my mom, dad, and sister are here. I'm going to give Niall a hug and tell him thanks for everything. I walked to Niall.



  "Thanks Niall for this."




Niall - "Ashley I love you and you're welcome."



I hugged him and he did something I thought he would never do he kissed my neck.




 "Niall what about Harry?"






  Niall - "Shit well this will be our little secret now just promise you wont tell Harry."



 "I promise but what about sleeping together we share a hotel room with everybody?"



 Niall - "We can tell everybody we are going shopping and if anybody asks why we can tell them that we are having another surprise and we can make up one and not tell anybody but you have to promise not to tell anybody because of cheating."




  "Niall I promise you that this will be our little secret."



Niall - "Well let Josh catch up on family time and we can go shopping."




 He winked at me. I don't know if I should do this or not.

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