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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


7. How Dare You

(Ashley's POV)

I can't believe I have to leave today. I checked my phone and there were pictures on Twitter from last night and they said "Haylor is back together again."



I looked at Harry.



"How dare you Harry."





I gathered all of my things and ran for the door and Harry stopped me from running out.




 "Please move."




 He didn't. I ran to the bed we were just on and laid down. I couldn't be here anymore not just in the hotel I mean in the world I need to die and I need to right now I need to get out of here and get back to Columbus and forget that this ever happened. I wish I never met them I wish I could've just stayed home and watched funny videos and Skype Jennifer or texted her but no I had to leave the country and fuck two guys then dated one and he ends up cheating on me.

(Harry's POV)

I fucking screwed up big time now I don't want to be with Taylor. I just want Ashley.


 "Ashley I'm sorry but please forgive me please."



 Ashley - "You are an ass."


"Wow thanks babe."




Ashley lied down to rest.





I screwed up big time.




(Jennifer's POV)

Man last night was GREAT. I hung out with Niall, Louis, and Hannah. She isn't really that bad though. Until I got a text from Louis.





Louis - "Ditch Niall and come to my bed tonight."





I responded "Hell no Louis not when Hannah is here."



 Louis - "Well we will find out if Niall really loves you."









I didn't get a response back but I know Niall loves me.



(Louis' POV)

That's it she is going to be mine and I will make sure of that. I know how to break up Harry and Ashley too. Zayn really likes her and I want them together and not Harry. I just hope Ashley and Jennifer don't leave for the next couple of hours. Ashley and Harry almost broke up but they forgave each other. Zayn and Nalick are cute together but I think she is cheating on him though.

(Liam's POV)

I heard what Louis' going to do so I'm going to warn the others because Louis is an ass. He always has to have it his way or he would get pissed. When i used to date Dani he would always need to have something that we were doing. I wish we had somebody else but no we have to have jerk face. I hope this "dream" of mine is over so I can live a regular life with Millie. Millie is wonderful I just hope we last forever because I really love her.

(Zayn's POV)

I want Ashley she should be mine but no Harry has her great now I have to make another move on her so I can win her over. BradfordBadBoi is coming back. Man Ashley looks great when she doesn't have any clothes on. When we had sex that's when I knew I really loved her and I want to feel that way again. I am going to make her have sex with me and I'm going to make her my mine.

(Niall's POV)

Jennifer has been acting weird lately but I have no clue what happened but she is in the bathroom so I'm going to look at her messages and I read the ones from Louis.





 Louis - "Ditch Niall and come to my bed tonight."




 Jennifer - "Hell no Louis not when Hannah is here."



 Louis - "Well we will find out if Niall really loves you."










That was the end of the conversation. So if Hannah wasn't here she would fuck Louis. Man she is one crazy bitch. I need to have them go home as soon as possible so they don't have to go through all of this. I walked to the bathroom and I heard two voices I wonder who's in there?

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