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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


6. Flashback

(Liam's POV)

I was just laying there about to go to sleep and someone kicks the door in and shoots my shoulder. I yell in pain. They shoot Harry and Ashley too. Luckily I had my phone still beside me. I called the police and then the gunmen ran away and I don't know where they went to next. Ashley was crying. The cop comes into the room with three stretchers. I go on one while Harry and Ashley got onto the others. We went into the lift and within seconds we were in the parking lot of the hotel. We didn't say one word to each other because we were in pain.


Cop - "What's your names?"


"Liam Payne, Harold Styles and Ashley Devineson."


Cop - "Allergic to anything?"


Ashley - "Grapes."




Harry - "Nope."


Cop - "Birthday's?"


Ashley - "May 24, 1994


Harry - "February 1st, 1994


"August 29, 1993."


Cop - Are you from Manchester?"


"I'm from Wolverhampton, England."


Ashley - "I'm from Columbus Ohio in America."


Harry - "Holmes Chapel in Cheshire."


Cop - "Do any of you smoke?"


"No sir none of us do."


The cop walked away then came back with Louis, Niall, Jennifer, Josh, and Zayn.


Ashley - "Ni-Niall."


Niall walked over to the ambulance and hugged Ashley on he good side.


Harry - "Ashley, baby are you okay?"


Ashley -"Yeah I'm fine Harry don't worry about me."


Harry - "You're my girlfriend silly of course I'm going to worry about you."


Cop - "We found the gunmen."


Niall - "Who was it?"


Cop - It was a lady and her name is Eleanor Calder."


Louis - "You have to be joking."


Cop - "Nope do you know her?"


Louis - "She's my ex girlfriend."


Cop - "Do you want to press charges on her?"


Harry - "Yes."


Cop - "Alright, let's get you three to the hospital to get stitched up and healthy."


We said our goodbyes and then we left to go to the hospital.


Now I'm at the hospital and Ashley got put in the same room as me but Harry got put in another.


Nurse - "Mr. Payne, you have a visitor."


"Send them in."


Millie my girlfriend walked in.


Millie - "Hey Liam."


"Hey babe. How did you know I was here?"


Millie - "I got a Dm from this girl named Ashley and said you guys were in the hospital."


Ashley came around the curtain in a wheelchair.


"Thanks Ashley."


Ashley - "You're welcome, and thanks for calling the police."


"No problem."


Millie - "How long have you know each other?"


"Almost a week, she's not from here."


Millie - "You're one of the girls that came to that concert here and went on stage with them."


Ashley - "Yeah I'm dating Harry now."


"I don't see how you and Jennifer are friends, you are very cute and you don't sleep around while she goes and sleeps with Zayn, Louis and Niall."


Ashley - "Wait, she slept with Zayn?"


"Yeah you didn't know?"


Ashley - "She didn't tell me."


"She told me."


Ashley - "How many secrets is she hiding from me?"


"Probably a lot."


Nurse - "You guys have more visitors."


Ashley - "Send them in."


Jennifer, Louis, Niall, Josh and Zayn walked in.


Josh - "Sissy are you okay?"


Ashley -"Yeah, Josh I'm fine."


The door opens and Harry comes in with a wheelchair.


"Ashley look it's your fuck buddy."


Ashley blushed and smiled.


Harry - "Liam they said that they are coming in I'm a few minutes to do your surgery."


"Thanks Harry."


Ashley - "So Jennifer why didn't you tell me that you slept with Zayn?"


Jennifer - "Why didn't you tell me you slept with Zayn?"


Ashley - "You were sitting on a bed in the hotel room I don't think I needed to tell you when you were in the room while we did it."


Some girl walked in while they were talking.


Zayn wrapped his arms around  her waist.


Jennifer - "Who the hell are you?"


Nalick - "Zayn's girlfriend."


Jennifer - "Zayn why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend when we fucked?"


Nalick - "You fucked a hippo?"


Ashley - "He fucked me too Nalick I found out about you when I seen the messages in his phone in the bathroom ."


Nalick - "You're my cousin so I don't really care since we are family."


The fuck just happened?


Ashley beat the shit out of Jennifer.

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