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Jennifer and I go Manchester. We are from Ohio, I have an older brother and I want to find him. He's 21, he has brown hair. If you know who he is can you please help me. I want to meet him!!


21. Bad New All Over Again

(Ashley's POV)

I had to get out of that house. There is a lot that is going on all of a sudden and it causing me to get stressed out. Harry and I haven't really fought but it gets hectic sometimes. Liam and I have been getting to know each other more. Niall and I haven't really talked because I'm scared that we will end up doing something. I hate that Jennifer kidnapped Liam.


I really hate her a lot more now. We need to get something against her so she can't come around any of us anymore. Holly and I have been hanging out more now but she always talks about Niall and how he is really sweet and perfect. I don't really talk about Harry because I am not the bragging type. Nalick is really pissing me off now.

She hasn't talked to me since she has got here and she is really mean all of a sudden which isn't like her at all. I'm at the park with James and I just need to be without the whole One Direction drama  right now and I will probably get texts and calls all night but I don't care they need to understand  I can't have all of this stress on me. Zayn is pissing me off too, Nalick and him were making out and touching each other in front of everybody and it's nasty. I just want to be alone and be stress free, but no fans are here and bothering me.




A girl - "Where is Harry did he finally break up with you bitch."




  "No bitch,  too much has happened and I want to hangout with my friend so go the fuck away."





Girl - "Bitch you need to get the hell away from Harry before I kill you."




"Try bitch."




She walked away and I gave her the finger. I ended up texting Harry.





Me: Harry can you come get me I'm at the park with James.

Harry : Who ?

Me: James, he's my friend.

Harry: Babe, I'll be there in a little bit

Me: Okay Harry.

Harry: I'm almost to the park and what side are you on ?

Me: By the front by the entrance way.

Harry: I'm here babe I'm coming to get you.

Me: Okay

(Harry's POV)

Finally Ashley texted me and told me to come get her. I just hope she isn't scared now because fans keep threating to kill her if she doesn't stay away from me. I know that Ashley and I are going to be together forever because we are there for each other and we haven't really fought. At the house Louis, Zayn and I were crying because we thought we would never see Ashley again. I know that Zayn likes her. I seen Ashley by the tree at the entrance. I seen that she was crying and shaking. I picked her up.




  "Don't worry babe I'm here for you."



She looked at me.




Ashley - "Harry is Liam okay now."



"He's at home don't worry he's fine."



She nodded and dug her head into my neck and cried. We got to the car and I put Ashley in the passenger's seat and I kissed her cheek and went over to the driver's side and drove home. We got home and I woke Ashley up and told her to get up because we were home. We walked to the door and all the lights were on and when we walked in everybody was still crying. Ashley went to bed.





 Ashley - "If Anne gets here before I wake up tell her I said hi."



I nodded and went to Niall and the rest of the lads.



"What's wrong."




Niall - "A plane crashed."








 Niall - "Harry you don't understand your mum was on that plane."



 "My mum got killed?"




Everybody nodded. I started crying and I seen that somebody was standing by the stairs. I stood up and went to that person and it was my sister Gemma.


"Gemma why are you back?"



Gemma - "Harold mum died I had to come home to my little brother."



 "You don't have to remind me."


 Gemma - "I'm sorry."


I hugged her.




"She doesn't work does she?"


She shook her head.



 Gemma - "Mum got married to Robin."




 "Why didn't she want us there?"





Gemma - "Harry she didn't want the wedding to be like Greg's."




I hugged Gemma again.



"I have to tell Ashley."




She nodded and walked over to the lads. I went upstairs and went to mine and Ashley's room. She was laying on the bed texting.



"Who are you talking to?"



She looked at me.



Ashley - "James."



  "Ashley, there was a plane crash and my mum died in the crash."





She dropped her phone.




"Gemma is downstairs if you want to meet her."



 Ashley - "I'm coming."



I nodded and picked her up and carried her downstairs. Niall and Zayn  ran to us.



Niall - "Ashley don't you ever do that again."



Ashley - "Don't worry Niall I'm not."





Zayn - "Nalick and I broke up."



Ashley - "I'm sorry to hear that."



I put Ashley down and somebody knocked on the door.

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