Short Stories.

A few shorts I wrote down when I felt like it. For now, it's completed, but if I had a gorgeous idea, then I'll add to it. Thank you for reading.

Thank you. Muah.


2. Starry Night

Once upon an ancient time, upon a magical land, a tale unfolded to tell.

The humans were few they could be counted accurately, and the wizards outnumbered them. In that, the humans found a disadvantage. Since wizards can use supernatural powers within a magic span -therefore make life easier and longer- humans felt aggrieved. They felt that it was fair that they too were allowed access to such heavenly abilities. They proposed this to the Wizard Chief, and he, ever so considerate with a smile on his face, agreed.

On one simple condition.

Humans weren't allowed a direct passage to the magic itself. No, not at all. The Wizard Chief feared the consequences. Instead, one wizard or witch, chosen by random selection, would be sent to a human community, to serve and tend for humans.

Both sides were happy.

A wizard's magic span is like a human's life span. If that finishes, either the wizard or witch die completely, or in some very extremely rare cases they turn human.

Naturally, a wizard can live much longer than a human, but it depends on how they use their magic span. To them, it's like a bag of money, and they can choose how much they can spend on whatever. And to humans, life is just a rule of time they can't change.

With recognition to magic, humans were granted more basic necessities that ensured a healthier life, which proved to be longer, and longer meant plenty of time. In this, the few humans became more and more.

But more humans meant more hard work for the wizards. The Wizard Chief had to send out more and more magicians to fulfill the needs of the growing human settlements. Hamlets grew to cillages. Villages became towns. And towns developed to propering cities.

The Wizard Chief, fearing the consequences, has become slightly upset. The normal number of magicians needed to complete the jobs became less and less as they've gone to the help of the other species.

The Wizard Chief, fearing the consequences, has become almost upset. He had failed in teaching his apprentices, for they too, without the full training, were sent out for the service of the humans.

The Wizard Chief, fearing the consequences, has become completely upset. There weren't enough magicians to ensure the safety of Earth, for a dangerous storm was dawning upon them, and there was a certain need for magic span, but it wasn't there.

Now that the storm couldn't be stopped, the Wizard Chief alarmed every single witch and wizard of the danger. He asked his talented daughter, White, to spread the news.

Soon, the human communities were abandoned and they found themselves helpless.

They were even more helpless against the storm. It proved to be one of the worst the Eartch has ever encountered. The winds stropped shelters of their walls and roofs. The lightening set trees on fire and destroyed houses. The rain ruined their food and flooded thier homes.

Very few survived. Very few that in fact, only three survived.

Humans were countable again.

Two parents with their child. They survived in the remains of an old shack, sheltered by some of the surviving trees, and fed by one of the surviving bushes. Their child, young yet old enough, would help out his parents in everything.

He would learn about the world from its remains, understand his ancestor's mistakes and accept them, and care for the only people he knew related to him.

Years passed. The time marked his parents' faces, and soon they were no longer the fresh young people he once knew. Like every other, they had to wait until their time came, but the waiting proved to be short, and quick enough, death took them as a companion.

Ger was stranded of everything. He was the only human, wondering how to spend the rest of his life. The death of his only beloved ones struck him hard, and he spent months grieving for their loss. Ger cried and wept, missing the warm embrace of his mother and the encouraging words of his father. He had even considered to join them.

But he didn't want to surrender to death. His opponent might've been powerful, since it wiped off all of humanity, but Ger still didn't give up. He lived on his twenty six years of life.

White, the Wizard Chief's daughter, took particular interest in Ger. She found his way of living on astonighing. Admirable. It was a trait she never so in any one, and she envied his strength.

And with envy came interest, with that came acceptation. It lead to fondness, which in turn developed a sense of love within her.

Everyday, she would look into her crystal all, and watch Ger on his own. She enjoyed watching how he would fix the shack whenever something damaged it, or how he went out hunting for food, or particularly, when he would look up to the stars and think about his parents.

Once upon another usual day, White decided she had had enough with all the watching. She wanted to take some action; to persuade him to come with her. Yet she didn't know how.

Once upon a vast field, as White sat next to her father watching the stars for any upcoming weather disruptions, a clever idea befell on her.

A tale unfolded to tell.

For once in her life, she put her magic span to a good use. Or that she thought. She decided to meet Ger, and convince him to come with her. And she knew exactly how.

But that cost a little bit too much of her magic span, stripping her of many upcoming years until she was only left with two months. Yet White, so blingly in love and so desperate, didn't care. She just wanted to spend every and each bit of her life - no matter how long it was- with him.

Her solution was a disguise. She transformed herself into an image of a different girl, prettier and more human-looking, and created a carriage that had two people in it. She lead the carriage to where Ger lived, and carefully made her entrance.

He looked so mych more different in reality. He looked much more alive, much more stricken, much more handsome. His face broke into a frown at the unusual prescense of another human, though it soon turned into an enlightening smile. His dark eyes lightened up from the usual sulking, and his cheeks revealed rare dimples.

She unveiled her hood then looked through her fake eyes into him.

Her face was as clear as the beaches of the early times. Her lips stretched into a warm smile, and her doe-like eyes were bursting with happiness at the sight of him.

"I have a present for you, only if you concede with my conditions," she finally spoke. She remembered the last time her kind ever gave conditions then winced internally. It has resulted into all of this mess.

"Who are you?" he asked, in disbelief. Perhaps it was because this was the first time he witnessed another human, or merely her outstanding beauty.

"I'm someone you'll know, and I have some people you knew," she said, signalling to the carriage.

"People I knew? Can I see them?", he asked, his voice high and excited.

"You can, if you'll come with me."

There was a silence in which he considered.

"No," he finally responded.

"Once you see, the thought you have now will never be. Choose carefully Ger, for your choice will determine the future."

"I don't understand," the confused look slipped back into his face.

"This carriage carried the people who carried you," White stated.

His eager nod sent her heart into sensational flutters, immediately beckoning her to open the doors. Her regret over creating the illusion of his parents subsided to be replaced by... love.


So, opening the doors of the carriage, she waited upon the the two, fake, images of what stood to be his most beloved. Out came his father, followed by his mother.

He embraced his parents tightly, afraid to let them go, only to be interuppted by the gentle tugging of White.

"We need to go," she whispered softly. He nodded once more.

They all got inside, his large body squeezws between the ones of his parents while White sat lone opposite of them. In that bried moment, where the carriage was driven by an invisible force, she felt the same invisible feeling towards him. Only it was replaced by jealousy. Jealousy that he hardly acknowledged her in the prescence of his parents.

But White knew that happiness would be short-lived. What she did was evil, and evil cost a lot of magic. It cost a lot for so little, and so the illuson of his parents would only last until that day's midnight.

This was her journey to the last two moths of her life.

The next day, Ger woke up in White's room. His bedding felt too empty when he noticed that his parents were no longer surrounding him. He stood up, surprised and panicked, to search for them. He had loved them so much, and the lass had harmed him too much. To have them back again was dream-like, too magical.

So then, he cherished every moment he spent with them the day before. As if they were his last. And indeed they were.

Instead, he found a girl, lying down at the opposite wall. He recalled a woman the day before, but she was nothing like the one sleeping now. She was the polar opposite.

Her hair was as dark as night. Her skin as pale as snow. Her lips as red as blood.

White stirred awake, frightening Ger. He dropped down and pretended to be still sleeping. She got up and saw his closed eyes then smiled. This was how she wished her life to be ever since she was born. This is how she wished her life to be when she would die.

Ger resented her for the first few days, refusing to talk or have any form of communication with White. He felt betrayed by her lie, the lie that was a slice of heaven.

After his rage calmed down a bit, White took him to the village. She introduced him to her father, and wanted to ask him for permission that she can live with him. She proposed this to the Wizard Chief, and he, ever so considerate with a smile on his face, agreed.

So they lived together. And in that, it was Ger's turn to notice all sides of White. He noticed how she would pick out various flowes to blend in with other herbs. She would use this to cure the many bruises and cuts that formed ever so easily on her limbs by the day. He noted how she would choose her words carefully about how to speak to him without hurting him. She would use this to cure the many bruises and cuts caused by her in his heart. He noted how White was so beautiful. How we was beginning to feel a strange feeling, one so similar yet different to one he felt towards his parents. He felt... love.


White has been aware of how her body was going into a state of weakness. It wasn't usually like this. She has watched other wizards live their last days before they die. They never got weak. They got surprisingly stronger. Thise was one of the signs one knew they were dying.

But White wasn't like that. She no longer had the strength to search and pick herbs, let alone use the little magic left within her. That small portion was what kept her alive. So, in her second state of despair, she asked Ger to help her in the nicest way she could.

Surprisingly, he agreed, and that alone made White understand that he was getting used to her. That he was forgiving her.

During her last days, White didn't know how to spend them. She felt as helpless as her father when he couldn't deny the humans' requests. She felt as helpless as the humans before the storm. As helpless as Ger when he was figuring out how to spend his days himself.

So she was very glad when Ger offered a suggestion. He told her to visit her father. To cherish her last moments with him, like he did with his parents.

Once upon the last day, White cuddled close to Ger, emracing him tightly, afraid that any moment she would be gone now.

"I'm sorry for what I did," she apologized, meaning every single word. He nodded, brushing her hair and kissing the top her forehead.

That small gesture relieved her of all the regret she felt. He had finally forgiven her. Perhaps he could love her now, she thought.

Little did she know that he already did.

Once upon a magical field, White sat with the Wizard Chief at her right, and Ger at her left, looking up the stars for different purposes. She knew Ger was thinking about his parents. Her father, still unknowledgeable to her cursed future, was looking for any weather disruptios, while White herself was thinking whether this was where she would die. In the arms of her beloved. She closed her eyes, basking in the love, thinking of life, of her father, of Ger.

Those eyes never opened again.

A tale unfolded to tell.

The Wizard Chief, fearing the consequences, tried not to cry too hard on the loss of his dear daughter. He had loved her dearly, and was grateful she spent her last hours with him.

Ger didn't know what to do. This time, he was stranded of everything there could be possible. This time there would be no White to save him from his dark sorrow. This time there will be no battle inside his head to choose between life and death. No, his head wasn't part of this any more. He decided to follow his heart. And that was to surrender. It had been a powerful opponent. One that took his lover as a companion too.

As he prepared himself, knowing all too well only a few hours passed since her death, he thought of her one last time before he departed. He has missed her already. His parents' loss was nothing compared to this.

Yet all too suddenly, a carriage appeared. He thought he was dreaming again. Maybe this was death. Maybe it took him as a companion before he forced himself. But it wasn't. Life was too vivid for him.

The carriage came into view, a young woman sitting in the front guided by an invisible force.

Her face was as clear as the beaches of the early times. Her lips stretched into a warm smile, and her doe-like eyes were bursting with happiness at the sight of him.

White dropped down from the carriage.

"I have a present for you, only if you concede with my conditions," she said. The last time she came in as a witch within a human body, yet now the witch inside her died, and all that was left was the human.

"Who are you?" he asked, in disbelief. Perhaps it was because of her beauty, of the fact that he knew who was standing in front of him all too much. He knew her enough to love her. And he didn't care which form she came in. He cared for her and only her.

Ger smiled. They came forward to each other, then without wasting another second, he embraced her tightly, afraid to let her go, only to be interrupted by the soft tugging of his heart. His heart was urging him to tell her that-

"I love you."

"And I you."

With the magic of love, the careful of Ger that determined the future, and the meeting of two, the human race became more and more until they were no longer countable. And the Wizard Chief, ever so considerate with a smile on his face, stopped fearing the consequences.

Once upon an ancient time, upon a magical land, a tale unfolded to tell.



Can you believe that I didn't plan this out and improvised the whole way? I'm glad it came out to be all connected :D


Hope you enjoyed the story.

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