Super Skinny

Hannah has always been best friends with Hope, Megan and Rachel. But after Hannah is shipped away to Ireland from the city of Manchester to live with her auntie in her star-studded life, will Hannah forget about everything?
And will the people she meets completely rip her apart and away from the girls?
Does she need to find herself again?


2. Chapter 2

The entire class stared at me, jaws dropped. I slumped into my place next to Rachel, and she stared at me.

"What? You're leaving?" She said.

"Mr Armitage expelled me, effective from Friday." I said. 

"I- I'll miss you." She whimpered.

"I'm just moving schools!" I laughed. 

But how wrong I was about that statement.


I walked through my home door, and my mum was sat on the stairs, running her hands through her hair.

"My clever girl. Expelled." She breathed.

"It was nothing." I joked.

"No it wasn't. This was the last straw. Expelled! Honestly Hannah!" She yelled. "This is absolutely ridiculous, wait until your father hears about this!" She yelled, pacing around the hall. 

"Dad will be fine." I said.

"No he won't! You were supposed to follow his footsteps, begin an immensely successful career, get all the degrees, he's going to be so disappointed." She sighed.

"I know." I whispered. I hated it here, living at home. All it was was living up to people, making sure I was hugely successful and rich, that was all they cared about. Nothing like 'How was your day Hannah?' always 'Did you do all your homework?' and 'Did you get 100% in your exam?'. All they cared about was my education never me.

"Just you wait Hannah." She said.

"I don't care what you do!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs. I slammed the door to my room, and flopped on my bed. I pulled out my iPhone and informed Facebook and Twitter of my recent experience. I sighed and dropped my phone on the duvet. I stayed in my room listening to music until I heard my name being called. I opened the door to the hallway and walked down the stairs. The strong smell of chicken korma curry was stinging my nostrils. My parents were sat down and my dad patted the chair next to him. I took it and dug into the plate of rice and curry in front of me.

"I'm disappointed in you Hannah." My dad said.

"I know, everyone always is, even when I do get the best scores the school has seen in its history." I sighed.

"But your behaviour lets you down." He said.

"I don't care." I sighed, taking another bite of chicken like spices.

"You obviously never seem to get the message, do you?" He yelled. I laughed. "You know what?!"

"What?" I said.

"You're going to go and live in Ireland until you can learn to behave properly." He said. My jaw dropped, and the food on my fork dropped. The harsh clash of the metal fork and china plate crashed through the silent room.

"You can't do that." I gasped.

"I can." He said.

"It's a good idea. You'll learn there." My mum agreed.

"What? You agree? WHAT ABOUT HOPE, RACHEL AND MEGAN?" I cried. "You can't send me there!" 

"We are, because we can. Now finish your tea, and we'll call up Carmel and ask her." My mum said. Moodily, I pushed my chair back and walked out of the room, slamming the kitchen door so hard I hoped it would fall off. I ran up the stairs and threw my head into my pillow and started to cry.


"Your parents are what?" Megan breathed, nearly dropping her folder to the pavement. We were walking to school the following day, and I'd just explained to them what had happened.

"Making me go and live in Ireland until I 'learn to behave'." I sighed. 

"I can't believe it!" Hope said. "You've really done it this time Hannah."

"I know, but they said when I've settled in they'll pay for you guys to come over and visit." I smiled. This was literally the only upside to my plan.

"Do you even know where you're staying?" Rachel asked.

"No, they didn't tell me anything, at all. I don't know anything about my family in Ireland, apart from the fact that they're mega-rich." I explained.

"Could you imagine if she was famous?" Hope smiled.

"I doubt that. My family, famous?" I let out a snort of laughter. "As if," I smiled. We walked into the school grounds and I hugged Joe, my best friend. He was so nice, and kind of fit, and I'd known him as long as I had the girls.

"Getting expelled are we?" He laughed.

"Maybe." I blushed.

"Naughty." He raised his eyebrows and we walked to our tutor room together. The rest of the next two days was a total blur.


I woke up on my final day of being in England in a total mood. I saw my pink suitcase packed in the corner, my travelling clothes laid out in the corner, and my school uniform and a pack of sharpies. I'd decided to get everyone to sign my shirt, and Megan and suggested bringing a spare just in case, so I'd packed them in my schoolbag the night before. I sighed at the sunshine, and pulled on some short socks, white short-sleeved shirt,  navy skirt and jumper and took my hair out of the bun I'd left it in overnight and brushed through my hair. Today I was going to wreck havoc at school; I had spray cans full of silly string, water guns, loo rolls and other items of miscellaneous. I grinned in the mirror as I put on some mascara, and walked downstairs. I ate my cereal in silence, completely ignoring my parents. I picked up my rucksack - much heavier than usual - and folder, and shut the front door without even saying goodbye. I sat on the corner waiting for Rachel, and she arrived all smiles, and signed my shirt. We met Hope and Megan and we trekked all the way to school, where at least one hundred kids signed my shirt. As I opened the door to my tutor room, a cheer went up, and I walked in. Joe walked towards me, in what I was expecting to be a hug, but instead he placed his hands around my waist and kissed me, softly on the lips, so passionately I nearly melted.

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