Snow White

Ivory was only seven when her father remarried to the beautiful queen of Entany, Alice, but as soon as the queen laid eyes on her stepdaughter, she knew she must destroyed. Her beauty over powered hers.
But ten years later, when a mysterious yet powerful event occurs, Alice knows its the time for Ivory to disappear. Sending her most trusted huntsman to get her once she runs away, she is determined for her to die. Determined to be the most beautiful person in Entany.
But what would happen if something went wrong?
What would happen if maybe, just maybe, the huntsmen fell in love with Ivory...

I've decided to re-write the classic tale of snow white. I have changed some it, making the story line different and more appealing to older people. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!


5. Waiting

Ivory walked behind Queen Alice, dreading the upcoming event. She hated the fact she would enter through the large, oak doors where everyone would see her. Where every eye would lock on her.

 "Stand up straight." Alice said, looking behind her and at Ivory. Immediately, Ivory's spine straightened and her head was held high, hidden behind her mask. "Remember, Ivory, no matter what, do not let anyone see your face. Do you understand?"

Ivory nodded glumly. "I am the princess of Entany. I am vulnerable. So I must be protected." She said the words lifelessly, like on a boring, continuous loop. She knew the words by heart; Alice had made them purposely soak into her brain and whenever Ivory tried to push the subject further, the Queen would stop it just as quickly.

"Good." Alice said her back to Ivory. "Are you aware of when the Ball will finish? And you know what to do if anything goes wrong? Don't forget there will be palace guards everywhere, not that you'll need them. What about the-"

Bored of the questions, Ivory tiptoed away and turned a corner before walking to a smaller, less obvious door. If she had to go to this ball, she would not enter through the same doors as the Queen. That'd be too much attention. She could hear the faint, faded music through the wood. Her pale fingers locked around the two, identical doorknobs before pushing them wide open.

The vast ballroom was lit with elegant lights, generously glowing and sending off beautiful beams of gold across the area. Crimson ribbon draped from the ceiling and flowed gracefully down the walls. A chandelier made of the most expensive glasses and gold’s hung high above them all as Ivory entered the room fully. Looking around her, she could see the many gentlemen and many maidens dancing with each other like they'd been doing it their entire lives.

Ivory walked down the velvet side steps unnoticed, happy she had escaped Alice and her ranting. The scarlet skirt of her dress trailing, she made her way across the room as the loud yet soft music drifted around her. On the way, the Queen caught her eye and gave her a wary look. Ivory shrugged, explaining in the one simple gesture how she had thought entering from the side would have been better. Alice simply nodded and turned to a fellow guest stood by her side.

Child. The voice of the souls seemed to catch her by surprise and she looked cautiously around the room before whispering back:

 "I am here."

Go to the air.

 Ivory's head turned to the direction of where the soft breeze was coming from and filling the area. A large balcony, hidden in the corner of the room, caught her attention as she found herself walking towards it. Silky, peach curtains blew towards her, almost calling her and it too was ringed with the crimson ribbon. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching before gently moving the curtains aside and stepping into the open air.

She breathed in the natural scent and looked at the over grown vines growing happily along the walls. Along with the ballroom, the balcony was candle lit and decorated in intricate ways. Ivory stepped towards the railing of the balcony and rested her hands on it, the flowers weaving between her fingers. She looked up towards to the dark night sky.

The vast expense of inky blackness darkened as the night went on. The sun rays had long since disappeared over the horizon to be replaced by twinkling endless stars. A high, illuminate gibbous moon settled delicately in the after light firmament, bestowing a very dim light upon Entany. It was a cool, windy night; the swaying of trees and rustling of leaves could be heard but not seen, as the ambient darkness had blotted out all but the light of the moon and the Masquerade Ball. Briefly, a faint, frail cloud eclipsed the crescent moon. Ivory glared at the beautiful view.

"So why did you bring me here?" She asked, still glaring at the unbelievable sky.

Child. Ivory didn't like the fact that the souls called her child. She was a seventeen year old girl not a young infant! But she let it call her that, knowing deep down they had a reason. You must wait.

"For what?" She sighed impatiently. But the souls didn't reply. So she continued glaring at the sky, trying to count the stars like her father used to do with her.

"One, two, three, and four..." Ivory would start.

 "Five, six, seven, and eight..."  The king would say, little Ivory tucked safely in his arms.

 "So many stars in the sky..."

 "All shining bright when it’s late..."

"Come back, Daddy." Ivory whispered as she remembered. "I miss you." But now was not the time to be thinking of painful yet sweet memories, it was the time to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

She considered entering the ball again, the place so beautifully decorated. The souls voice was heard once again.

Be patient.

 "For what?"

That was when Ivory realized she was no longer alone on the balcony.

That was when she realized that someone was now stood next to her.

And that was when she felt the presence of the souls leave.

"It's a pretty night." He said.


Hello!!! I'm sorry i haven't been on for a while, a lot of things have happened in my life and I was kinda busy... Thank you all so much for the lovely comments :) and please PLEASE keep reading and commenting :) The thing is... I don't know whether I should carry this story on... I have one more chapter but after that... So if you want me to carry one, could you please simply put the word 'Poop' somewhere in the comment and possibly a reason why i should carry on?

Thank you for  your reads! X


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