Snow White

Ivory was only seven when her father remarried to the beautiful queen of Entany, Alice, but as soon as the queen laid eyes on her stepdaughter, she knew she must destroyed. Her beauty over powered hers.
But ten years later, when a mysterious yet powerful event occurs, Alice knows its the time for Ivory to disappear. Sending her most trusted huntsman to get her once she runs away, she is determined for her to die. Determined to be the most beautiful person in Entany.
But what would happen if something went wrong?
What would happen if maybe, just maybe, the huntsmen fell in love with Ivory...

I've decided to re-write the classic tale of snow white. I have changed some it, making the story line different and more appealing to older people. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!


2. Running

Ivory sprinted through the amber meadow, her long, dark hair trailing down her back as the wind blew strands of it across her face. The soft, jade blades of grass weaved between her bare toes and the golden light of the sun broke vividly through the branches. Breathless and panting, she looked slightly behind to the young girl trailing her.

"Come on, Rosie!" Ivory laughed, still dashing through the trees. "Keep up!"

 "I'm trying!" The girl whined.

Still laughing enthusiastically, Ivory stopped and walked towards the girl hunched over in exhaustion.

 "It’s... not fair..." Rosie wheezed. "You're... five years... older."

"Age doesn't matter," Ivory smiled. Rosie had pale blonde hair - no longer than her shoulders - and piercing blue eyes, so bright they were almost surreal. As she stood up straight again, her tanned cheeks flushed and she pulled a strand of hair behind her ear.

 "Does so," Rosie pouted.

 "Want to race again?" Asked Ivory. "I might let you win..."

"Pfft! I'm letting you win."

Laughing again, Ivory took Rosie's small arm and they continued to walk through the beautiful meadow. Flowers of every colour surrounded them and stretched out towards the horizon. The sun tinted everything gold. Along with the thick border of enchanted forest trees, a brook flowed by, laughing with the teeming insect life in the rich brown soil. Breathing in the sweet summer air, they could smell the flowers blooming, smell the damp ground. As the light breeze drifted around them, Ivory softly closed her eyes. She watched the strange pattern swirl behind her eye lids and when she opened her eyes again - she saw what other could not.

She saw the wind, like gentle hands fluttering around them. She saw the sun rays  reaching down and shimmering ever so softly. And she saw the tiny creatures that called themselves the souls and no one else knew existed in Entany but her. That no one else could see...

The sudden emptiness in her arm blinked her back into reality and Rosie was sprinting ahead of her. Shaking her head, Ivory rushed after the twelve-year-old girl, extremely happy that Rosie was so unobservant. If it was anyone else, they would have noticed how rock solid her body had gone. They would have noticed that Ivory's deep, chocolate brown eyes had glazed over to a whitish colour which allowed her to see Entany. The real Entany. The one that the witch had hidden.

 They would have noticed that Ivory was abnormal.

After spending so much precious time with her friend, the wind spoke to Ivory. Actually spoke. Only Ivory could hear it. It chose to speak to her. Child. The wind whispered. The Queen. Ivory didn't doubt the strange and surreal beings, even though she couldn't see her Queen Alice anywhere.

 "My 'mother's' coming," Ivory muttered. Rosie always doubted how Ivory could sense things like this before they happened but shrugged it off.


"Tomorrow." Ivory agreed, locking her pinkie with Rosie's. Up on her small tiptoes, Rosie planted a sweet kiss on her cheek before dashing away into the trees, the tatted skirt of her dress brushing the ground. Once Rosie was out of sight, Ivory pinned her hair up and cleared the dirt from her dress, walking back onto the pebbled path at the other end of the private meadow. The Queen, her stepmother, didn't know about the sweet, innocent girl named Rosie. Didn't know about their friendship. Rosie was a villager, Ivory was royalty; the two kinds didn't mixed.

"Ivory," Her mother's loud yet gentle voice called. Ivory felt the presence of the souls leave, wondering why they disappeared every time The Queen would appear. "Time to come inside."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Ivory replied, lifting her skirt and quickly yet swiftly waking towards the Queen.



Let me know what you think!!

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