Snow White

Ivory was only seven when her father remarried to the beautiful queen of Entany, Alice, but as soon as the queen laid eyes on her stepdaughter, she knew she must destroyed. Her beauty over powered hers.
But ten years later, when a mysterious yet powerful event occurs, Alice knows its the time for Ivory to disappear. Sending her most trusted huntsman to get her once she runs away, she is determined for her to die. Determined to be the most beautiful person in Entany.
But what would happen if something went wrong?
What would happen if maybe, just maybe, the huntsmen fell in love with Ivory...

I've decided to re-write the classic tale of snow white. I have changed some it, making the story line different and more appealing to older people. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!


3. Hiding

"Hello, Your Majesty." Ivory greeted her.

 Queen Alice nodded once before turning quickly and walking, Ivory flanking her.

 "Tomorrow you must be fitted for your dress."

 "Dress?" Ivory frowned in confusion. The Queen let out a frustrated sigh, her deep, dark hair flowing freely down her back.

"Keep up."

Unsure whether she meant her slow steps or poor memory, Ivory staggered quicker behind Alice.

 "The Masquerade ball, remember?" Alice snapped. "It's only two nights away. You really should have been fitted earlier..."

Ivory zoned out, looking up at the trees full of chirping birds and fire-fly nests. Entany was such a beautiful place to live in, one full of daydreams. But it was not a beautiful place to be in. The air was full of worry and concern, leaking through the entire kingdom and just outside the large, intricate palace was the villagers, living in poverty. The King was dying. And so was his Kingdom.

Ivory couldn't lose her father. She refused to. If he left, she'd be alone with Queen Alice and even though she didn't know why, the idea sent shivers down her pale spine.

"Ivory!" Alice sighed, clicking a finger in front of her face. "Are you even listening to me?"

"Um, sorry, Your Highness. How is Father doing?"

She frowned then smiled a beautiful smile, one showing her perfect row of white teeth. "You can see for yourself. A visit would probably help your concentration anyway."

They walked back to the palace in silence, only the sound of their shoes lightly tapping the ground lingered. But they didn't walk up the Palace steps and through the Palace doors, they went on a separate path, one that was dark and eerie.

Alice gently tugged the dead vines and moss away to uncover a small, wooden door. Ducking under the greenery, Ivory twisted the rusty door knob and stepped inside the dark cave with Queen Alice right behind her. No one would see them. That was the point.

No one outside of the Palace had ever seen Ivory's face. They all knew she existed, knew who she was, but not once had they ever seen her. Well except for Rosie, she was an exception. As a child, Ivory grew up not knowing the outside world, the outside world not knowing her.

Shadows leaped across the dark abyss and Alice walked close to Ivory's side until the crack of light broke through the darkness at the end of the dingy cave.


A/N HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!! Let me know your opinions!!!!

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