First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


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"Lets go back to my house" You say as you sit back in your seat. "Okay, sounds good, do you just want to hang out?" Justin took his eyes off the road for a second to look at you. "Yeah, I'm really tired" You say as you yawn. Justin giggles as he approaches a red light. You sit there for a minute and then take out your phone. You open twitter and check your mentions. "What the?" You say as you scroll down your phone. "What?" Justin asked concerned. You look down and have thousands of new followers and mentions. Your already had lots of followers because beliebers knew you were one of Justin's friends, but now your even bigger. "I'm up to 50,000 followers when just last week I had like 10,000." You say with a smile. "Hey, maybe you'll catch up to Ryan some day and be huge." Justin added while laughing. You look at all of your mentions. There's so many of them. Most of them congratulate you and Justin. You always loved Justin's fans, they support him so much and stand up against the haters. You hated the Idea of Justin being hated on. Then you come across one that says "*yn* your such a whore faced slut. Why the fuck would Justin date you?" You frowned at the sight. Slut? I've never even had sex before, and they're calling me a slut?


You didn't want Justin to see you frowning so you quickly went to Instagram and posted a silly photo you and Justin took in the Sports store. Within minutes, hundreds of positive comments were there and that really made you smile. You lock your phone and throw it back in your bag. You soon pull into the driveway of your house and Justin kills the engine. You guys walk in together and take off your jackets. "Mom?" You shout. There was no sign of her even though her car was in the driveway. "She must be out with friends or something." You say. A smile appears on Justin's face. "That's okay, it's more special with just the two of us." You roll your eyes then walk upstairs into your huge room. You were blessed enough to grow up with lots of money. Even though your mom was a teenage mother, your grand parents had done really well in the workforce and you inherited a lot. That's one reason you and Justin became friends, you donated to his mom when she needed it.


"I gotta use the bathroom. I'll be out in a minute" You say as you walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind you. You come out 2 minutes later to see Justin on your bed on his phone. His eyes light up when he sees you. You walk over to him and join him on the bed. He puts his arm around your shoulder as you both lean against the backboard to the bed. You snuggle your face into his chest. "You smell really good." You say while taking in his fancy cologne. "Why thank you babe" he says back. You grab your laptop from your bed side table and slide it open. You open up Facebook and see a lot of messages from close friends asking if all the rumors are true. You roll your eyes and Justin sees you. "Asking if they're true?" Justin says knowing thats what happened. "Yup. Nothing new haha." You say bluntly. You then log on to Twitter and see 'Justin and *Yn*' trending. You laugh and click on it. You read a bunch of tweets from fans, beliebers and haters. You and Justin sat there reading over them laughing at most of them for like 10 minutes. You favorite and even Retweet a few. You see one from what looks like a huge belieber. It reads, 'Justin and *Yn* are honestly perfect together. Those of you hating on them, go fuck yourself.' You smile and favorite. "So is everything going good with your mom?" Justin asks out of nowhere. You look up at him and think for a sec at all the troubles she went through. You swallow then reply, "Yeah, she's holding up. I think she's finally in a good place." You lean closet to Justin as if you were going to whisper something. "I think she even has a boyfriend." You say quietly. Justin gasps over dramatically. "OMG, REALLY?" He says. "Oh shut up, I think he really makes her happy. She always comes home late and she's in a great mood. This could be really good for her." You and Justin are now so close holding on to each other under the covers. You wanted to know more about him and his life. "So in LA, do you like living alone?" You asked sincerely. Justin didn't even hesitate to answer. "No, I actually hate it. It really sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do."

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