First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


6. Subway

In one of the last chapters, I wrote summer, when I meant spring break, sorry for that confusion*


You and Justin finish watching some episodes of Friends and on the last one you soundly fall asleep cuddled with Justin. The next morning you wake up facing away from Justin on your bed. His arm is placed over your side and his hand is placed on your stomach and he's sleeping sweetly. You turn around and face him. You lean in and his him on the cheek. He slowly opens his eyes and he awakens. He smiles when he see's you. "Good morning beautiful." Justin says. "Hey babe" you reply with a smirk. Justin slowly gets up and stretches out. You get up too. You walk into the bathroom and brush your teeth, and go to the bathroom. You come out and Justin had brushed his messy hair and put his jacket on and was texting someone. "Who are you texting?" You asked. "Just Chaz. I think we should do something with him and Ryan today. You up for that?" He asks. "Yeah! I really would love to do something with them!" Justin smiles. "Okay, how about we go on a picnic in the park? Ryan's girlfriend will come to." Justin says will looking at his phone. "Aw, Chaz will be a loner." You say sadly. Justin looks up. "Oh yeah, did you ever find out why him and Emily broke up?" He asks concerned. You sigh. "Apparently Emily didn't appreciate Chaz that much. He thought she didn't really care about him." Justin frowns. "Aw, that really sucks." You add, "Yeah, but don't talk about it. He is fine, he doesn't miss her, but he hates when people talk about it." You look at him seriously. "Damn, you miss a lot when you live in a different country recording an album."


He smiles at you and you giggle. You walk over to you dresser and pull out a pair of black shorts and a coral lace shirt that was synched at the waist. You throw on a gold pendant necklace and your lucky 'Believe' necklace. "Alright, lets go!" You say while skipping out of the room. Justin follows you down the stairs and out the door. "BYE MOM" You scream before stepping out of the door. You didn't even wait for a response from her. As you walk to the car you had a thought. "We need to remember to go over to your house on the way home so I can get my car." "Yeah, we will." Justin says as he opens his door and gets in. You get in and put your seatbelt on. You immediately plug your phone into Justin's/Pattie's car. "Lets see, what to play, what to play." You decide on 'Your My Only Shorty' by Demi Lovato and Iyaz. "Last night was crazy and today it's setting in, did you really mean it and could you say it again" is heard through the car. You start quietly singing in your seat. Justin joins you on the Chorus.


"YOUR MY ONLY SHORTY, YOUR MY ONLY, YOUR MY ONLY, YOUR MY ONLY SHORTY" You both sing loudly in the car. "Imma put you on the spot, an I your only girl or not?" You sing while looking at Justin sweetly. You giys have so much fun singing to each other. Justin singing all the Iyaz parts. Soon you approach Subway. Justin pulls into the parking lot. "Why don't you stay here, I'll go get everything." Justin looks to you. "Are you sure, I can totally come in." You say. "Yeah, don't worry about it" He pecks your lips and gets out. He left the keys in the car so you could still listen to music. After that song ends, Hold up comes on. You loved Demi Lovato a lot. She was a huge inspiration for you. You went through some struggles that she helped you through."If the weapon is your love I've got my hands up, I'f your gonna take me down I surrender, I'll give you anything you want, just don't leave me alone, this is a hold up" You sing along. You decide to surprise Justin when he comes out. You unlock your phone and go to music. You click on 'Justin Bieber' and 'Die in your arms' this was always your favorite song of Justin's. it kind of described how you felt about him. You smiled as It started. "Do you love me, as much as I love you? Would you hurt me baby? Could you do that to me? Would you lie to me baby, cause the truth hurts so much more?" You sit back and close your eyes as you listen to the amazing song.

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