First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


2. No longer a secret

You wake up to your mom sitting on your bed trying to wake you up. "*Yn* wake up, it's already 12" she says softly. You wake up and see you in your bed. "What happened last night?" You ask because you couldn't remember hardly anything. "You were out with Justin but you fell asleep in the car, so he brought you up and put you in bed." She says as if she knows something, but that's just her. "Aw, he's so sweet" You say in your morning voice. "Anyway, I made pancakes, so come downstairs soon" She says as she walks out of the room. You go to the bathroom and wash your face, brush your teeth and get dressed. You wore black yoga pants with a blue v-neck. You throw your hair in a ponytail and head downstairs. You go into the kitchen, but stop when you hear your mom say, "Uh, *Yn* come here" she sounded like something was wrong. She had E! News on and you turned toward the TV just as the reporter said "Does Justin Bieber have a new girlfriend? He is home in Canada for a little vacation and was spotted last night kissing a girl who has reported to be one of his good friends. Ever since Gomez called off her and Bieber's relationship 3 months ago, sources have said that Bieber has been feeling down. Maybe this new girl will help him get him A-game back? Well if they are dating, we hope luck for the new couple." Your mouth dropped open as a picture from you and Justin in the woods last night appears. You turn to your mom who has a smirk on her face. "*Yn* is there something your not telling me?"


You wanted to say it right but stuttered for a bit. "Uh.....umm, well, I guess you could say.... We're kinda...." "Dating now?" Your mom finished your sentence for you. "Yea" you say in a cute way. "Oh honey, that's wonderful! You've been waiting for this day for forever!" You smile and nod "It will be great. I can't wait for more adventures to come." You finish your breakfast and go out to your car to go over to Justin's, but your car is still over there since he dropped you off last night. So you grab your coat and walk. Once you get there you knock on the door and Pattie answers, "*YN* I saw on the news! Why didn't you guys tell me you were dating?" You sigh. "I don't really know, we didn't want people to think we were rushing into anything." Pattie laughs, "Honey, I know you and Justin were meant for each other, we've all been waiting for this day. You laugh and smile. "Is Justin even up yet?" "Nope, he was up late last night battling Jeremy on Xbox." She smirks. "Go on up to his room" she steps aside and you go to his room. You have to admit, he looked so cute sleeping. You decided to be cute and jumped in bed with him, and kissed his cheek, with that he slowly opened his eyes to you laying next to him. "Hey, what are to doing here" he asked with a huge smile on his face. "We're official" You tried not to crack up. "What?" He asked confused. "Reporters saw me and you together last night, so now the fact that were dating is all over the news, but I'm okay with that. It was gonna happen eventually." He looks shocked.


Wow, I didn't think it would get out that fast. Haha well, whatever. I don't want to hide you, I want to show the whole world how beautiful you are." He then leaned in and kissed your lips. It felt magical. "Well, I say we go to the mall today because I need some new clothes, because I don't have nearly enough" You say while smiling knowing that wasn't true. "Yes, yes we do. I'll take 15 minutes, then be downstairs." You said okay then walked downstairs and talked to Pattie for a bit. 10 minutes later Justin comes down. "Alrighty, lets go babe." Justin was about to leave when Pattie said something. "Let me just say, I love you two both so much and hope you have fun." She smiled a big grin. Justin pulled your hip into his while putting his arm around your waist. "Thanks Mom, we will" Justin then kissed your cheek while you blushed. You two then walked out the door and into Pattie's car. Since Justin's cars were all back into LA, you had to take hers. It sucked, but Patio had a pretty nice car, compliments of Justin of course.

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