First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


8. Clumsy

Chaz had brought soda and cups. You all sit down at the picnic table to eat the subs you and Justin brought. "Hey Justin, can you pour me some soda?" "Sure babe" Justin replies. He hands you a cup and you take a sip and set it down. You all talk for a bit and share stories. You take a brownie from the tray of sweets Ryan brought followed by Erica taking a cookie. The tray was now half empty. You sat in silence for a minute before Justin speaks up. "So guys, whats new at school?" You roll your eyes at the thought. "Ugh, it sucks. The teachers are asses, the food is terrible and it just sucks so much." Everyone looks at you. "Well, it does. Just stating the truth." You say being slightly embarrassed. "Yeah, you can say that again." Ryan says. "Nothing good ever happens at that school." Erica says bluntly. "Yeah, nothing much." Chaz says. You take a sip of soda as you think. You almost spit out your mouthful of soda."Oh my god, last week, me and Ryan dared Chaz to eat a really gross mixture of food, and he did it. it was awful." You say while almost laughing. Everyone bursted out laughing while Chaz sits with a smile on his face. "Oh yeah, that too." Chaz states. "He was so proud of it too. he started saying I'M THE MAN for hours afterward." Ryan says with a slight laugh. Chaz just sits there embarrassed. You then remember something.


Oh yeah, I took at video if it with my phone!" You reach in to your bag to grab it, but you don't feel it. "Oh, I must've left it in the car. I need to go get it, incase my mom texts me." Justin nods and grabs the keys from inside his pocket. "Thanks." You say as you grab them and walk off. You walk for a minute and then you turn a corner of trees so you can barley see them anymore. You have to walk down a little hill. You suddenly see a huge tree branch sticking out low near your feet, but it was too late. You trip quickly and are still on a hill so you start tumbling down it. You scream as you hit the dirty, hard ground. You hit your head on a log as you stop rolling. You look up and see blurs. You suddenly hear Justin calling your name. "*YN*?" He must've heard your scream. He then comes and hovers over you. "*Yn*, *Yn*, can you hear me? Are you okay? Oh no, she's bleeding." You slowly look over to see a blur of Chaz there too with Justin. You wanted to say something, anything but your too out of it to do so. "Help me pick her up, lets bring her to the car. I have a first aid kit in there." Justin says to Chaz.


He looks around for the keys that you dropped when you trip. You are lifted off the ground and brought to the car. Justin lays you down in the back seat with your leg hanging out of the still open door. You then prop yourself up and look at your leg. It was covered in blood with a huge gash down the front. You slightly gasp. There must've been really sharp edges on those branches. You suddenly feel a huge pounding in your head and hold it and grieve. "*Yn* are you alright?" You pick your head up to see Justin in the doorway wrapping a towel around your leg to clean up the blood. "I, I...I." You start to speak, but stumble on your words. "I...think so." Justin still has concern in his eyes and facial expression. He looks down and reaches into the first aid kit next to him. "Well, you came prepared." You say while lightly laughing. "My mom's always scared something bad will happen when we're out." Justin says while he now takes a solvent and dabs it on your huge cut with a cotton ball. Chaz then comes up behind him. "You good?" He asks. "Yeah, tell them we'll be back in 5 minutes." Chaz then turns and walks back to Ryan and Erica. "You took a nasty fall back there." Justin says with concern. "Justin I'm fin-." You say but then stop. You squeeze your eyes tightly and hold you head and gasp from the pain in your head. "Yn*, *Yn.*" Justin takes a bottle of water that was in the car from earlier and some pills from the first aid kit.


"Here, take these." He hands you some Advil and the water. You swallow them. "Thanks." Justin then takes one last swipe of the towel over your leg and then starts to wrap a long, thick bandage around it. He keeps wrapping it around so your leg was very protected and the cut was sealed. He then looks up to you. "Feel any better?" You smile. "Yeah, a lot actually all thanks to you. You then get up and walk to the door where he is standing and kiss him on the lips. He picks you up out of the car and sets your feet on the ground. "Okay, if you feel lightheaded or anyt-" but you cut him off. "Justin. I'm fine!!" You say. Justin relaxed his shoulders. "Alright, lets go back." You smile and are about to walk away when you turn around and open the front door. "What are you-" but again, Justin is cut off when you hold up your phone. "Getting my phone?" You say sarcastically because thats what you went to the car to get in the first place. "You're so cute." Justin says as he helps you walk. "I can just carry you." He says as he see's your limping a little. "No, I can walk." You say as you put pressure on your leg. As soon as you do put pressure on it, you lean down and grieve in pain. Before you can get up, Justin picked you up and threw you up over his shoulders. He smirks as he starts walking and your holding onto his head like a toddler on her daddy's shoulders. "I hate you." You say while lightly laughing. "No you don't" Justin says while still laughing as you make your way back towards the picnic table.

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