First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


14. Chapter 14



I´m not sure of continue the story after this chapter!

So please comment if you like it, and if you want me to continue :)


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It was Monday after break and you were nervous to go back to school. Unless someone lives under a rock, practically the whole world knows your dating. You get up and go into the bathroom. Justin was still sleeping. You felt bad you had to go to school while he was here on vacation, but you had too. You wash your face and brush your teeth. You then go over to your closest and pull out an outfit. You put it on and looked into the mirror. You wore yoga pants, a loose t-shirt that said BELIEVE and grey uggs, it was getting warmer out, but whatever. You then see Justin flinch and snore. "He's so freaking adorable." You say as you walk over to the bed. You kissed him on the cheek to wake him up. He slowly opens his eyes. "Good Morning Beautiful!" He said once he saw your face in front of his. "Morning Babe." You said as you walked over to your vanity. You started putting on your everyday makeup. "Babe, you don't need makeup, your so beautiful without it." You give Justin a look. "Thanks, but I choose to be pretty with it." Justin then gives you a serious face. "*Yn* I'm serious. Your gorgeous." You blush. "Thank You baby." You walk over to a table in your room with your bag on it. Justin then jumps out of bed. "You ready?" You nod. " Are you going to drive me?" You ask already knowing the answer. "Everyday." Justin says with confidence as he backed you up against the wall. He then kissed your lips roughly and slid his hand down your side until he reached your hip and caresses it. You were interrupted by a knock on your door

door. "*Yn* are you ready to go?" You quickly break from Justin and open the door. "Yeah, but all this week, Justin can drive me." Your mom smiles and you see she is already ready for work. "Oh, okay have a good day you guys." You wait for her to walk downstairs and you follow her. You go towards the door and put on your jacket. Justin comes behind you. "Don't you want breakfast?" He asked. You hesitate but answer. "Yeah, I don't really eat breakfast." You say quickly before running out the door. You walk over to his car "Well, you should." He says as he walks down your front lawn before opening his door and getting in. You two sped off down the road in Justin's car. Justin goes in a direction that wasn't where the school was. "Justin, where are you going?" "Hang on." Justin says. Justin then pulls into a Tim Hortons drive thru. "Oh Justin." You say. "Come on babe, I want you to eat something." You get a suspicious look. "You've never cared about this before!" You say. Justin responds quickly. "Well, I never knew this before, and I didn't really eat breakfast either when I was 11 so I didn't think anything of it." You laugh. He acted like Dr.Phil. "Can I just get an Ice Capp?" You say sweetly. "Fine, at least it's something." He says. Justin orders two Ice Capps and then pays for them at the window.The cashier hands you the drinks and he pulls away. You reach school and Justin pulls into a parking space near the front. He gets out with you.

You both stand behind the car. "Bye babe, I'm going to miss you all day." You say while giving him a warm hug. Justin looks down at you. "I'll be here right here when you get out okay? I won't be late, then I have a surprise for us tonight." You smile. You didn't really like being surprised, but for Justin, you'll do anything. "Okay, I'll see you later." Justin then leans down, closes his eyes and his lips come in contact with yours. You have a little make out in the parking lot, still holding your coffee. "Ooooooo, Justin and *Yn* sitting in a tree." You hear someone say. You break from the kiss and turn around before the voice could finish her little rhyme. You then see Vanessa, one of your only girl good friends. You liked her a lot. She gave kind of a hip hop vibe. She always wore hats, always had the coolest shirts, and cool shoes, and had a nose ring, which was always a crystal stud. You always have wanted one of those. "Hey girl!" You walk over to her. "So when were you going to tell me about your new boyfriend, or do I have to find out on the news, like everybody else?" She says with a smirk. "Yeah sorry, I kind of had a busy week." Vanessa smiles and then looks at Justin. "It's good to see you again." Justin smiles and replies. "Alright, I'll be here at 2! Text me during the boring classes!" You hear Justin say as he backs up to the car and gets inside. You walk arm in arm with Vanessa into the school. You turn around to see Justin looking at you guys through his car, making sure you get inside without a problem. You blew him a kiss, then walked in. You could just feel eyes on you and you walked down the hallway. Luckily no one has teased you or mocked you yet.

Vanessa leaves to go to her locker and you go to yours. You put in one headphone so you can listen to some music to distract you. You get to your locker and turn the dial. You are putting your bag in when you feel a hand on your shoulder. It scared you and you turn around quickly. You see Ryan there with his binders under his arm. You sigh of relief. "Gosh, you scared me!" You say quietly. Ryan laughs. "Sorry, ready to go to History?" You nod and close your locker. You only had 2 classes with Ryan which was sad, but you enjoyed them. During science you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You sit in the back so you decided to answer it. It was Justin. He sent a sexy selfie saying "Missing you already." You smile and reply. "Me too. You look so sexy." You decide to check Instagram just incase. Of course, you open it up and go to Justin's page. Minutes ago, he had posted a selfie similar to the one he sent you with the caption 'missing you already', just like he sent you. You looked through some of the comments carefully, so that your teacher didn't see you. Many of them saying how hot he was and how they knew the caption was about you. You decided to comment. You hesitated then commented an emoji heart. You lock your phone and get back to the lesson, not that you wanted too. The day went pretty smoothly. Talking to some of your friends, a few people coming and saying congrats, and they knew you'd end up dating him. It's 1:58 and your frantically waiting for the bell to ring. Your sitting there shaking. You sit next to Vanessa last period and she leaned over. "Are you okay? You seem nervous." You sigh. " I guess I just want to get home. " Vanesa nods.

"Ring, ring." The bell goes off and you sprint to your locker. You get your bag and go to the main doors. You go out and stop. You see Justin in the same spot he was this morning, with the door open. He was sitting with his feet out the door, rubbing his hands together in such a sexy way. you couldn't help but stop and stare at him for a second. he was so freaking attractive. He see's you and comes running over to you. He picks you up and spins you around. "Hey baby. I missed you." He says while he carries you over to the car. People were already starting to come out and look at you two. "You too." You said with a huge grin. Justin opens your door and then gets in himself. "How was it?" He asked you nervously. "It was good, really good." You say truthfully. "That's good to hear." Justin says. You drive for a few minutes. You then realize your already at your house. "I'll pick you up at 7." Justin says cutely. "Alright, bye babe." You say while leaning over in the car to give him a peck. You start to pull away, but Justin places his hand on your jaw and holds you there. You kiss for a moment then he pulls away. "I love you." Justin says. "I LOVE YOU MORE!" You say loudly before quickly closing the door so he couldn't respond. You walk into your house and look out the window to see him pull out of the driveway.

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