First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


13. Chapter 13

You heard the back door of the house close. You didn't even bother to turn around. You knew it was Justin, I mean what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn't come and comfort you after you run out of a room almost in tears? You expected him to start talking about how perfect you are and how you can't let the haters get to you, but he didn't, and you were kind of glad he didn't. You always here those talks, maybe thats not what you needed, you just needed comfort. You hear him stop walking, then start again. He comes over to you and just picks you up. You closed your eyes and snuggled your head into his chest. He took you over to the corner of Chaz's backyard. There was a huge tree that has 20 foot branches hang ing over the yard. He sat down against the tree trunk. He put you on his lap and put his arms around you. You both hugged each other nice and comfortably. There were no words, just silence, a comfortable silence. You had 2 tears stream down your cheek but refused to make any noises, thinking it could make things worse. Justin held on to you, kissing your temple and cheeks every 5 seconds.


You laid your head back onto his chest and could feel his chest rise up and down, and It felt really good. Justin finally spoke after a few minutes, "I love you so much *Yn*." You decided to keep quiet. "I love you so much that, it pains me, to see you in pain." Justin said very carefully. "I'm sorry. I didn't want this to happen. You are amazing and strong, and you have to remember that. I know you, I know my best friend, and we can do anything. I love you so much, never forget that. I will love you no matter what happens, no matter where life takes us." Justin said so sweetly with pauses in between phrases. "I would never forget that." You said so softly because your voice was cracking. Justin then came down and kissed your cheek slowly and passionately. You then moved your head in a swift motion so that his lips were now touching yours. You press your lips very firmly against his and slipped your tongue inside his mouth and enjoyed the moment for a few minutes. You then slowly pull away. "Gotcha." You say sweetly. "I love you so much." Justin says. "I love you more." You say before kissing him again. You then remember why you were out here. "And don't worry, I'm fine. I love you and nothing will get in the way of that." Justin smiles and kisses you again.


"Hey, the guys are probably gonna wonder what we're doing if we don't get back soon." You say as you stand up. Justin shrugs. "I think they'd already know what we're doing." Justin says with a huge smirk. You give him a look and roll your eyes. "You love me." Justin says while holding out his head for you. So you roll your eyes again and kiss his cheek. "Justin Drew Bieber, your something." You say with a huge smile. "Yes, yes I am." He says as he slides the glass door open and you two step inside the house to hear the floor boards creaking in the distance as if someone was running on them. You have a mysterious look on your face. You walk casually into the living room and state at Ryan, Chaz and Nolan. "We're you guys spying on us?" You say sarcastically. Justin comes up behind you with a smile and puts his arms around your waist. He was happy at how stern you were being. "No!" Ryan says quickly. "Uh-huh" You say with a 'I know your lying look' on your face. Justin walks over to the couch. You decide to let it go and go sit down on the couch on Justin's lap. "Alright, we better get going, our moms making is dinner right?" Justin says to you. You nod. You then get up off the couch and hug each of the guys."Bye guys, text me soon." Justin says as he bro hugs Chaz, Ryan, and Nolan. "Bye everyone!" You say as walk over to the door of the living room. You and Justin walk out to his car and get in. "Let's stop at your house so I can get my car." You say as he pulls out of Chaz's driveway and down the street. Justin nods and puts on the radio.


Heart Attack by Demi Lovato had just come on. "Ah! I love this song so much!" You say as you squeal. "You should really meet Demi sometime. I think she'd like you." Your jaw drops. "Are you serious? It's my dream to meet her!" Justin laughs and turns his head to you. "Of course!" He says. You sing along and then the song ends. The radio DJ then says something which catches your attention. "So what do you think about Justin Bieber and his new Girlfriend? Honestly, I think they're pretty cute together. Haha, now here's beauty and a beat for ya." You smile and don't even bother turning to Justin. Justin smiles. "My perfect, amazing, flawless, beautiful girlfriend." You blush just as he reaches over and gives you a kiss on the cheek. You sing along to beauty and a beat as well. Justin thought it was cute when you sang his songs. You pull into his driveway and you get out. You pull out your keys from your purse and get in your car which you haven't been in for days. Justin pulls out of the driveway and you follow him. You drive for two minutes until you reach your house. You both park in the driveway and get out. Justin comes over to you and you both walk hand in hand up to your door. You walk right in. "Mom?" You say loudly. "Hi honey!" You see your mom coming towards you with an apron on. "Justin, hey! Dinner is ready! I made chicken, corn, potatoes and salad! Sound good?" Justin smiles. "Sounds amazing Ms. *Yln*" Justin says. You all walk into the kitchen. You all sit down at the table and enjoy dinner. You all have conversations about life, and your mom even asks about you and Justin. After dinner you and Justin go up into your room. "Have a goodnight kids!" You mom says while slightly laughing as you and Justin enter your room.

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