First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


12. Chapter 12

You and Pattie were having a nice talk in the car while Justin was on his phone replying to fans. You arrive at the diner and get out. Within 20 seconds of everyone getting out, there are so many people with cameras flying questions at you that you can't even breathe. Justin immediately grabs ahold of you and pulls you into him so the paps couldn't get to you. You weren't used to it yet, but you were willing to try. "Justin, it's okay, I can get used to it." You say as you pull away from his grasp. You see some people trying to get to you. You don't even know where all these people came from. It's not like your in LA, it's a small town in Canada. "Did you cheat on Selena?" "Who's this?" "Why are you spiraling out of control?" "Is this your new girlfriend?" You hear all these sorts of questions thrown at you. You look to Pattie who clearly is just ignoring them, but also blocking them from her son. You finally reach the door and Pattie opens it for you guys.


One last time you hear, "Is this your new girlfriend?" You were walking in when you see Justin turn around and quickly say, "Yes and she's beautiful." Before quickly closing the door behind Pattie. You could feel all the eyes on you when you walked into the diner. With all the noise and commotion outside, but the waiter just smiled and waited us to our table. ********** I sighed as I closed the fridge. You were at Chaz's house because Justin was playing video games with him, Ryan and Nolan. You walked back from the kitchen into the living room where they were playing NBA2K. "Oh god, no, wait, YES!" You hear Chaz yell as you sit next to him on the couch holding the bottle of water you got from the fridge. "You guys are such nerds." All the guys turn to you with a 'seriously you're kidding right?" look on their faces. "Excuse me, what can I say to you when your putting on all your makeup and spending 20 minutes deciding what to wear?" Nolan said very sarcastically. "Watch it!" you said to Nolan with a serious face. "Babe, this is our world." Justin says trying to defend his "guys honor." You laugh and go over to the table with Chaz's laptop on it.


You pick it up and go sit on a chair next to the couch they were all sitting on. You log on to Facebook and twitter and still see everyone freaking out about you and Justin dating. People made status about them, and others just messaged you. Some comments were mean, some were okay and some totally loving you guys. Then you saw one by this kid from school who always made fun of you. It read 'The gross whore face and gay 5 year old who can't sing, who would've known?' You froze. He always made fun of you but was this really necessary? You close the laptop fast and all the guys hear it shut loud. Before they can say anything you get up and say "I'll be right back." You run out of the room and out Chaz's back door. You go over to the patio where there was a table and some chairs. You collapse onto one of them and bring your knees up to your chest. You never let haters get to you, ever. You just shook them off, but this was different. For some reason, those things were tearing you apart. Maybe because you know them in real life, but you just couldn't take it. You let a tear slip down your cheek. You didn't want to cry. You WEREN'T going to cry. It was just a tear.


Justin's point of view* "Sucks buddy, maybe next time." Nolan said to me as he had just beaten me. I heard a loud clap like noise and looked over to *Yn*. She had closed Chaz's laptop. She had a look of uncertainty on her face and I was about to open my mouth to ask her when she beat me to it. "I'll be right back." She said quickly before running out. I looked to Ryan and he gave me a look. I paused, looked down and set the controller on the coffee table. I walked over to the laptop she was on. I opened it up and saw she had been on Facebook and Twitter. "Slut, cunt, bitch, dating the gay boy?, loser" all sorts of awful things were being said to her. People judging her and knocking her down. I was beyond pissed. I threw the laptop back on the chair it was on, and ran out of the room to go find her, while Chaz, Nolan and Ryan just watched me. I knew she had gone out on the patio. She always went there when she was mad. I got to the sliding glass door and saw a chair pulled away from the table facing away from my direction. *Yn* was one who never let hate get to her, ever. I knew I had to do something. So I slowly opened the glass door and walked out.

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