First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


10. Bad ex...

Justin holds you comfortably as you sit in his lap on his bed. "It's okay, calm down." You stopped crying, but you were still sniffling and still had the bad memories in your head. "I know, I know." You softly spoke. Justin turned your head for you so you were looking into his soft, hazel eyes. "Why didn't you tell me right when this happened?" You sigh. "I thought living in hell was better than dying. He had a gun, we both knew he was capable of shooting me." Justin didn't say anything. The thought of loosing his best friend was unbearable to him. "Do you want me to get you some water?" Justin said sweetly. "Sure, thanks." You say back. "Alright, I'll be right back." Justin says quietly and kisses your cheek. While he was gone, you sat up against the backboard of his bed and wrapped all the blankets on the bed around you. You were cold, shaky and sad. Even though these memories were two years old, you got really depressed thinking about them.


You just couldn't imagine your life if you were still dating him. You then see Justin come back in the room. He gives you a bottle of water and comes into the bed with you. He gets under the covers and holds you tight. Justin always knew how to treat you right. "I really don't want to dwell on this for awhile, but I must ask you one more question." Justin says. You just say there waiting for him to continue. "Did he still dump you?" Relief came upon your face as you remember the story you had told Justin. you told Justin that he had dumped you for another girl. "Yeah, apparently he didn't want to keep me because I kept resisting when he tried to attack me." You say softly. "How often did he do it?" "At least a few times a week, wherever we were." Justin furrowed his eyebrows.


In public?" He asked. "Yeah, wherever. One guy even tried to stop him one time but it didn't work out, he was too scared of John, but I don't blame him. John was scary." Justin leaned down and kissed your forehead several times. "I love you." Justin says. "I love you too, which reminds me, I wanna tell you something else." You said back. Justin looked to you. " I love you." You say again. "I really wanted to have our first time last night, but there was a reason I didn't want to." "What is it?" Justin asked as he sat up straight. You slowly sat up so you were kneeling to the bed. "I've never showed anyone this."


You said as you lowered the shorts you were wearing revealing your black lace panties, but Justin didn't focus on those. He focused on the huge blue bruise on your upper thigh and lower waist. it was so big that it went below the bottom of your shirts, but it wasn't small. He gasped. "He did that.... to you?" You nod and he continued. "But wasn't this two years ago?" You lower your head as you speak. "Yeah, but I guess the impact was hard enough to stay. It's faded a bit, but it's never gone away." You look back at Justin. "So, no one knows about this?" I sighed. "Only my doctor and my mom who both think I fell on concrete. I'm surprised they haven't figured it out by now." Justin pulled you in. "Thank you for telling me. I don't want to have secrets in our relationship. I trust you, and you can always trust me." He looked at you and smiled. You took another sip of water. You then looked at Justin as you licked your lips. Before you could lean in, he came down and crashed his lips with yours. You smiled into the kiss and decide to make it even better. You asked permission for your tongue to enter his mouth and he gladly accepted. You both say there making out for a while, and you enjoyed every second of it. He grabbed your shirt roughly and pulled you closer just as you our your hands on his abs. You pull away but could still feel his breath on yours. "I love you." You quietly said. "I love you too." Justin responded back. Justin then laid down on the bed and you followed him. You placed your head on his chest and felt his breathing. You pulled the covers your the two of you and you silently feel to a peaceful sleep.

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