First Love

You and Justin have known each other since you guys were kids. You´ve always been in love with him, but never had the strength to tell him. When you guys talks out, about your feelings, you both notice you´ve been in love with each other forever.


9. Bad ex

On your way home, you're sitting in the car with Justin in silence. "Today was fun. Thank you." You say quietly but sincerely. "I just hope you're okay." Justin says while Turing to you. "I am, don't worry." You say as you look down to your wrapped up leg. Justin suddenly gets a smile on his face. "I guess your just prone to it." You look at him confused. "What?" You say. "Remember when you were 13 and you tripped at that party and got a bloody arm?" You suddenly freeze. Your face gets pale and your pupils widen. "*Yn?*" Justin says. "Are you okay?" You calm down and turn to him. "Yeah....I'm totally fine." You say quickly. "Alright then." Justin says as he puts his eyes back on the road. You sit for another 5 minutes in silence. You go back to Justin's house and walk into his room. You don't even wait for him as you lay down on the bed, facing away from him. "*Yn* I know something's wrong, ever since the car ride you've been silent and weird. What's wrong? Please tell me." You decide to face him. You turn around to face Justin sitting next to you on the bed.


That's when Justin looks you in the eye and sees the tears running down your cheek. "Oh my god, *Yn*, whats wrong?" Justin says as he pulls your body into his. That's when you lose it and burst into tears. "There there, calm down baby, I love you, we all do." Justin says as he tries to calm you. "Well, not everyone." You say through your tears. "What do you mean? You can trust me. You've always been able to trust me and you know that." You wipe your eyes and your running mascara and sigh. You wait a few moments before you speak. "That time I fell, the one you talked about in the car." You say then pause again. "Yeah? What about it?" You look into his eyes and frown. "Do you remember two years ago, when I dated that guy, John? The guy everyone thought was so perfect for me?" Justin nods as he listens to you. "Well that party me and John were at when I fell, that party was right after you had visited from your tour and... and.." You struggle to spit out the words. You look to Justin and he has a hard, stern expression on his face. He figures it out and softly spits out the words.


"You didn't fall that night, did you?" He says as he looks into your eyes. Without making a sound, more tears streamed down your face. You slowly shake your head. You could tell Justin wasn't satisfied with what you just told him. "He hurt you?" Justin asked a half question, half statement. You fell back onto the bed and let our head hit the pillow. "*Yn* please, tell me more. I need to know what happened." You sigh. "He was upset that we were hanging out when you came to visit. So he took me into.....into the wo-oods." You can barley get the words out. "He punched me, then took out his knife. And cut down my arm. He was-ss about to cu-ut downnn my leg, but he thought-t he heard a no-noise." You say through the tears. "So he fled, but before he did, he told me if I ever told anyone what happened, he would hunt me down and personally kill me." You looked into Justin's eyes for the first time in a few minutes. They were black with coal. You thought that he'd explode or get so angry, but instead he just sat there, and held out his arms. You hugged him and wept into his chest. You two held each other as if you were falling off a cliff. You felt safe and protected. You wanted to stay in these arms forever. You pull away and look into his eyes. They were filled with sorrow and regret. "*Yn*," Justin starts to say but you cut him off. "If I'm going to be honest with you, I'm going to be 100% honest." You looked at him once again and saw his eyes filled with worry and a look that screamed 'Uh-oh'. "You know all the countless times that I was skyping with you while you were on tour and I had bruises on my face and I told you that I had fallen down the stairs?" Justin looked at you with worry in his eyes and nodded. You wanted to say it right. "I didn't fall down the stairs, not once." Justin sat there, waiting for more.


He hit me, and cut me, and slapped me." You swallow and look down to the ground. "Everything." You burst into more tears. You felt like they wouldn't stop. Justin gasped lightly from shock. shock that someone would lay a hand on his beat friend, let alone a girl. He pulled you into a tight hug. You tried to speak through all of the sobbing. "He didn't like me having you, Chaz, and Ryan as friends. So after you came to visit and we hung out he would always be upset and would constantly hurt me not only physically but emotionally." You paused. "It hurt Justin, it really did." You barely managed to get out those words.



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