Letters To Tell You How I Feel

People find ways to voice out what they feel for a certain person, especially when that someone is close to you and you don't want to break anything special you have, and since i am one of those few people who are thinking about ways to voice out how they feel, i decided to write letters to the person i love

because that is the only way i know how :(

to the person behind these "LETTERS" i know you'll never love me and i accept that, it's hard to move on, i know but i'll try


4. The Special Event

Dear You,

Here we are, to the special event that binds all of this together. The special event which made our friendship even more stronger, or should i say, reunited our friendship.

we became CLASSMATES once more.

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking like "What the hell is so important about that?!"

well, it is important because it lead you back to me, or vise versa.

I never thought it would happen again, you and i being together again, enjoying funny moments together, and making special memories that only the two of us would enjoy because the whole world doesn't get us.

well, on that very first day of my sixth grade life, i saw you, sitting on one of the chairs, talking to someone who is rather close to you, i think he was one of your best friends. when i saw you, my mood brightened up more than it already is brightened up. I had the biggest smile plastered on my face that morning,

only because of YOU. 

i don't know what you did but you brightened up my day somehow, i was supposed to go straight to you and sit by your side, but i had the same problem during the kindergarten.

SOMEBODY was sitting next to you, and guess what?

it was the same boy who sat between you and me during that kindergarten year we shared together. and i had no where else to sit since you were at the far end of the row, the only chair close to you is the chair beside this boys.

Did you ever think it was destiny? well i thought it was, once.

i sighed and started to walk to that particular chair when one of your friends pointed me. you looked up and captured my gaze, i stood still upon seeing you, as if we were in some cheesy chick-flick, it would all begin to be in slow motion,

you smiled at me, that smile that used to irritate me when i see it just a few years back, thinking why i couldn't be with that smile once again, and viola, God answered my prayers, you make think by this letter that i already fell in love with you, but not yet. i just missed you.

then one thing surprised me, you talked to me, i remember that conversation, and i think it goes this way.

"Hey, i didn't know we were classmates"

"Yeah, me too"

"It's been a long time, don't you think?"

"Yeah, really long, i didn't think you would recognize me, i mean--"

"How could i not recognize you? you were my best buddy back those days"

"Yeah, we were like partners in crime!"

then you did one thing that surprised me even more.


you freaking HUGGED me! i mean, i was shell shocked and i just stood there not reciprocating, i just closed my eyes and breathed your smell in, you don't smell like you used to anymore, you smelled of some expensive cologne. then you let me go.

"I missed you"

"Me too, i thought it would be awkward being with you again since we didn't spend the years together, but wow, this is no where near awkward" <--- i said this

"Why don't you come sit with me?"

"I would but we have the same problem we had back then"

you looked at the direction of your seat and you laughed, so hard that your friends were eyeing you and shaking their heads.

"Oh, that problem! i get it now"

"Yeah, so i think i'll just find somewhere else"

"You can sit beside him and i'll sit beside you on the other side"

that was the plan, until this girl, sat on the chair you were supposed to sit on, and i giggled, you smirked and i rolled my eyes.

"I guess the plan is to no use buddy, i'll just sit beside that guy, like the three of us used to"

then you nodded and went back to your seat whilst i went to my seat and placed my bag on the floor. then the teacher came and we already had a class.

to me, that was the by far, the most unforgettable day of my life, i may sound like a person in love while telling you this, but i am not, i was just plain happy, like i was on cloud 9.

so that was it, 

that was the special event, to me it was, i don't know about you though, but i can hope :)



Me xxx

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