Letters To Tell You How I Feel

People find ways to voice out what they feel for a certain person, especially when that someone is close to you and you don't want to break anything special you have, and since i am one of those few people who are thinking about ways to voice out how they feel, i decided to write letters to the person i love

because that is the only way i know how :(

to the person behind these "LETTERS" i know you'll never love me and i accept that, it's hard to move on, i know but i'll try


2. The Day I Met You

Dear you,

i was still five when i met you, yes we were still young, naive to what this world had to offer us. i was excited that day, it was my first day of school and i wanted to meet new friends, new people to be with and all that stuff, little did i know that i would meet more than what i wanted.

for the very first day i met YOU, you were this boy who was just as happy as i was. we introduced ourselves and had a little activity, the sad thing was, this boy separated our seats and i wasn't beside you. this boy was weird though, he likes to face his back to the board and not listen then we used to tell him to face front.

We became close even though i still didn't know your name because at that time, i wasn't listening to you, i was talking with my other seatmate, when you sat down you smiled at me, one of the many smile i have learn to grow up with. when you told me your name, i laughed so hard, i thought it was the name of one of those legumes i used to eat back then, but i was wrong.

we used to talk and get scolded by our teacher, you were always so confident in me and told me to go on when i was speaking about the flower i brought for one of our assignments, i guess you saw that i was scared and couldn't say a word so you came to my rescue and whispered the things written down on the peice of paper that bared the information i had about the flower.

the friendship i have with you is one of those friendship where in you don't know when it started to grow but it just did and the next thing i knew, i got used to your smile, i'll find you if i don't see you in class only to know that you were sick, i loved talking to you even though we get scolded and i loved everything about our friendship.

and i just want you to know, that no matter what happens, i'll always be by your side, to pat your back when you feel like giving up and tell you that it's okay not to be okay, people need to be vulnerable at times.


Me xxx

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