Letters To Tell You How I Feel

People find ways to voice out what they feel for a certain person, especially when that someone is close to you and you don't want to break anything special you have, and since i am one of those few people who are thinking about ways to voice out how they feel, i decided to write letters to the person i love

because that is the only way i know how :(

to the person behind these "LETTERS" i know you'll never love me and i accept that, it's hard to move on, i know but i'll try


3. Remember Those Times

Dear You,

the years went by like nothing, but our friendship grew at the very least, i learned that your name was not pronounced as the legume that i used to eat but something more formal to the ears. we were not always classmates so we didn't have much time to spend together and we lived far apart from each other.

no matter the distance, i still thought of you as my best friend, yes, i made a few best friends on the years that we were not so close to each other and drifted apart, yes we drifted apart, i admit that. but i have been secretly looking at you from afar, thinking of how things might go if we were still classmates.

we were so close back when we were so little, we even called each other "PARTNERS IN CRIME". do you even remember that? i do, i guess it's just one of those memories i miss about us, the us that used to be so close when we were still so young.

i don't have much to say in this letter, except for wishing that it would have been different for the both of us.

imagine, if we would have been classmates on the long run, we would be so close, much closer than we are now, but i don't regret a thing. being apart is a test to see if you really care for that person to miss them if they are gone. 

but for all those years, i still look at you as my best friend, my "PARTNER IN CRIME", the boy who used to help me when i was tongue tied and the boy who smiled at me on that very first day of school.

i don't know if you saw through me that day, but i think you did. your this boy who caught my attention on the very first day, the boy with this white complexion, the boy with this amazing height and everything.

i never thought we would be best friends now, i thought we really did drift apart, for all those years i just wanted to be by your side and laugh with you, play pranks on everyone like we used to, but it was all gone, until an event that came.

i still remember that even, it is still fresh in my memory and it goes with the next letter.


Me xxx

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