The life and death of Lily Potter née Evans

The life story of Lily potter née Evans


6. Life when hiding and death

Lily became pregnant in the autumn of 1979. At around the same time, Sybill Trelawney made a prophecy in front of Albus Dumbledore, predicting that "the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches" and would be born at the end of July to parents who had "thrice defied" him. The first part of the prophecy was overheard by Snape, Lily's ex-friend, who had become a Death Eater. He loyally reported what he had heard to his master, and was horrified when Voldemort came to believe that Lily's son was the subject of the prophecy. It was the threat to Lily that led Snape to change sides, warning Dumbledore of the Dark Lord's plans, and vowing to do anything to keep the woman he loved safe. It was this vow, based upon Snape's continuing devotion to Lily, that made Dumbledore certain of his double agent's true loyalties.

The Potters went into hiding while Lily was still pregnant. Their son, Harry James Potter, was born on 31 July, 1980. Due to the danger they were in, Lily and James chose to keep Harry's christening a "very hurried, quiet affair" with Sirius Black as the only guest. The couple also chose Sirius to be Harry's godfather. Lily sent a birth announcement to Petunia. It was the last piece of information she ever sent her sister, though Petunia sent Lily a vase for Christmas. 

In a letter to Sirius dated around Harry's first birthday in July 1981, Lily mentioned that the family had a pet cat, and a story about Harry flying on the toy broomstick Sirius had given him as a birthday present. The Fidelius Charm was placed on their home in Godric's Hollow. Their Secret-Keeper, Peter Pettigrew, was chosen because he was a less likely choice than Sirius Black, but he betrayed the Potters by telling Voldemort of their whereabouts.

On 31 October in 1981, Voldemort went their home. James told Lily to take Harry and leave while he held him off. But James was killed before Lily and Harry could escape the house because he didn't have his wand with him. Trapping mother and son in Harry's nursery, Voldemort, honouring Snape's request to spare her life, offered Lily a chance to step aside. She refused to stop shielding her son, and Voldemort killed her. Because Lily's death was a pure sacrifice, ( seeing as she wanted to die to save Harry, and didn't want to save herself) Harry was marked with the protection of her love, and Voldemort's Killing Curse rebounded off the one-year old, destroying the Dark Lord's body and temporarily defeating him. If it wasn't for Snape's love for Lily, so that he begged Voldemort to spare Lily's life, her death would not have been a willing sacrifice, and there would have been no Boy Who Lived.

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