The Summer Chronicals

Join me and my crazy adventures during my summer of 2013. A chapter everyday to keep you, my viewers, interested so I can give you a taste of my life here at home when I'm not busy being bombarded by homework and teachers.


5. Day 4

SO today we got woken up at 8:00 a.m. My stuff was already packed so we threw it in my aunts trunk and said goodbye to my grandmother and grandfather. We got in the car and took a long 2 hour drive back to my house. That's where I am now. We were outside in the pool having a water balloon fight and swimming and having a great time! But it has been raining for the past two hours. Not just little showers or sprinkles but down pouring! Wind blowing it sideways, thunder sounding like gun shots and lightning as bright as a thousand light bulbs. Its crazy and cold. I have a soccer game at 6 o'clock but it might be cancelled because of this thunderstorm or because the field is too wet. Its that bad. So i'm sitting here now watching Cougar Town with my little sister and hoping my soccer game is cancelled. Fantastic.

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