The Summer Chronicals

Join me and my crazy adventures during my summer of 2013. A chapter everyday to keep you, my viewers, interested so I can give you a taste of my life here at home when I'm not busy being bombarded by homework and teachers.


2. Day 1

So my first day of summer wasn't a very happy one. I had to get up early again. My grandparents brought me to Dunkin Donuts then drove us to my sisters 6th grade graduation. At 9:00 a.m. her graduation started. It lasted for an hour and then my grandparents brought me back home. We stayed until about 2:30 and then got ready to leave for their house, which was a 2 hour drive from mine. We stopped a couple of times to get ice cream, food, and bathroom breaks. We finally got to their house at around 5:30 because of all the stops. We got inside and didn't do anything but watch tv. We were very lazy. My cousin Lily, who lived about 45 minutes away texted me saying that she was going to be staying there with me. When she got there I gave her a huge hug and we took lots of pictures. At midnight we started making coffee. I took a some vanilla and poured it on her shoulder. It smelled really sweet but tasted bitter. She didn't know it tasted bitter and took a giant lick. She scrunched up her nose and rinsed out her mouth. To get me back, she squirted it in my mouth . It tasted really bad. At about 2:15 we finally went to bed and boy were we pooped.  

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