Love at First Sight.........I Guess

Harmony and Louise are simple girls. The live in the big city working for 'Peaks or Fashion'. Both girls sing and are trying to be dancers. What happens when they get the opportunity of a life time? Will the girls have new romances, friendships, and what will the lose in the process? Being small town country girls, can these two make it with the band? Being strong doesn't mean you can get back up every time, everyone has one weakness. Have they found Harmony's?


3. Meet Me

The plane ride was good. We ate, slept, talked, slept, played games, slept.

"Harmony, wake up. We need to get ready. We are getting ready to land." Louise said shaking me wake

I leaned all the way up and looked out the window. London really was beautiful.

"Let's go!" Louise shouted pulling me to my feet.

I stood up and took in her outfit. A pair of read skinny jeans. a navy tank top with ruffles, and navy heels. She also was wearing a Superman necklace and her hair was all up in curls. She looked amazing.

"Harmony!" Louise shouted waving a hand in front of my face

"What?" I asked

"You need to get ready!" Louise said in a 'duh' voice. "I already picked out your outfit!"

"Fine! But you don't have to shout" I said turning away to go get ready

I walked into the bathroom where my clothes were neatly folded on the counter. I put everything on and looked in the full body mirror. I had on white short shorts, yellow suspenders hanging at my sides, a batman crop top showing off my belly ring, infinity tattoo below my belly button, and my disney font dream tattoo on my hip bone, a batman symbol necklace, and black Jordans.

I walked out and Louise was sitting waiting on her phone. I lightly tapped hr shin with my shoe and she stood.

"Ready to meet our idols!" I mocked

"Let's go" She said pulling me towards the door. Sunlight poured in as it opened to our future.

~(Louis' P.O.V.)~

"I can't wait to meet our new stylists" Niall said bouncing in his seat.

"I hope their hot!" Harry said shifting

"Calm yourself, we need them to like us, Haz" I laughed

"Boys, we've arrived" the driver said opening the door to my left

I didn't even realize we stopped. We all exited the car and lined up; Haz, Zayn, Liam, Nialler, and me. The door to the plane opened and two brunettes stepped out. But the one with the hip length hair and baby blues caught my eyes. She had the perfect figure and I noticed two tattoos. This girl is killing me, now that I'm single.

"Hi, I'm Louise" the taller brunette said giving us all a wave

"Hey, I'm Harmony" my girl said confidentially giving a small wave

Our eyes met for a second and she winked at me.

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