Love at First Sight.........I Guess

Harmony and Louise are simple girls. The live in the big city working for 'Peaks or Fashion'. Both girls sing and are trying to be dancers. What happens when they get the opportunity of a life time? Will the girls have new romances, friendships, and what will the lose in the process? Being small town country girls, can these two make it with the band? Being strong doesn't mean you can get back up every time, everyone has one weakness. Have they found Harmony's?


2. Making Time

"Louise." I whispered .

No answer.

"GET UP!" I shouted this time

Louise sprang up.

"What!" she snapped heading towards the bathroom.

"We have to leave to catch our flight!" I shouted through the door

I heard shuffling, then Louise burst out the door mumbling, "Gotta hurry, gotta look good!"

"I will just take our stuff to the door and make coffee and breakfast." I said leaving her to panic.

I grabbed her suitcase and rolled it down the stairs. I grabbed my suitcase from beside the door and rolled them down the driveway to my car. The occasional pap asking about my new designs, where I'm going, and taking pictures. I put our suitcases in the backseat. We were only staying a week and if they liked us, we would stay longer,  and possibly even move there.

I walked back inside and finished breakfast right as Louise rushed down the stairs.

We ate our breakfast as I drove us to the airport. We got there at 8:30 and I walked up to the front desk.

"Peaks of Fashion to London?" I asked the blonde at the front desk.

"Yes, of course. Ladies follow him." she pointed to a man in a security guard uniform.

I walked to Louise, then followed the guard to the plane.

"Oh.My.God." Louise whispered as we stepped onto the PRIVATE plane.

"I can't believe we will be the only ones on the plane and we are meeting our idols!" Louise shouted plopping down in a seat

I sat opposite of her and said, "I can't believe our company did this..."

And with that the pilot announced take off.

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