Love at First Sight.........I Guess

Harmony and Louise are simple girls. The live in the big city working for 'Peaks or Fashion'. Both girls sing and are trying to be dancers. What happens when they get the opportunity of a life time? Will the girls have new romances, friendships, and what will the lose in the process? Being small town country girls, can these two make it with the band? Being strong doesn't mean you can get back up every time, everyone has one weakness. Have they found Harmony's?


1. An E-Mail to Remember

"Get Up! Get Up! Get Up! GET UP!" My best friend Louise shouted, jumping up and down on my bed.

Oh, how rude, let me introduce myself. I'm Harmony. I'm 21, I live with my best friend Louise. We both work for 'Peaks of Fashion' and sing... a little. I drive a vintage style 1992 Mustang. 


"OKAY, FINE, I'M UP!" I shouted sitting up

"You are not going to believe the e-mail I just got!" Louise said sitting at my desk with her laptop.

"What?" I said making a face.

Louise giggled and said, "Peaks of Fashion and our dance coach got together and they want to send us to London to work with One Direction. And before you-"

"Eeeeeeehhhhh!!!!" I squealed cutting her off

"Okay, now we are professional stylists and background dancers." Louise said calmly.

"Okay." I bounced on my bed with excitement

"Now, we leave Monday at 8:45 in the morning." Louise stood up

"What?!? That's only two days away!" I exclaimed

"Harmony, you own two fully stocked stores in there." Louise said pointing towards my closet. "We are not going shopping!" she finished waving her arms.

Damn. For a fashion designer she sure does hate clothes.

"Fine, but if they don't like my clothes it's on your head." I said as she walked out

"Fine by me!" She shouted from the hall.

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