Dear Diary

Sarah has been bullied for the past 2 years by her ex-best friends.
When school starts again with a whole new look, what happens?
*Zayn Malik*


6. What Just Happened

Dear diary,

It’s my lunch break. Started work at 9:30. It’s now 12:24 so I have 6 minutes left of the break, then 2 hours left of work then home!

It hasn’t been busy, well it never is on the weekends. I’ve served about 4 customers and I’ve cleaned every table at least 3 times each. Someone just pulled up. It’s 12:28 now.

To go back and work, or spend my next two minutes sitting here writing?

Hold that thought.

I have to go. BYE!


Dear diary,

Work wasn’t bad, I enjoyed the rest of the two hours. Apart from that half-hour visit from Zayn, right when I was about to finish my break.

I swear he is stalking me! It is really creepy.

He came in and saw me sitting, (that’s when I quickly closed my diary) then he came over to me and sat across from me.

I literally said straight away, “Are you stalking me now or what?”

He had a ‘shocked’ look on his face.

I scoffed, got up from the seat, grabbed my belongings and put everything away in the back.

When I came back to the front counter, he was leaning on the counter just grinning at me.

I rolled my eyes and went all professional, “So what can I get for you today?”

He laughed and said, “I don’t want anything. I just want to talk to your manager, please.”

Wow. The kid has manners.

I went to get Chris and he came back with me. Zayn was still there, but not leaning on the counter anymore. He stood up tall and proud.

I got scared at where this was going.

I had to walk away from the scene because of ‘privacy’.

When Zayn’s involved, there should be no privacy rules.

I was cleaning up my rubbish from my break, and then I set off the mop the floors.

I was almost done cleaning when someone whispered in my ear, “Guess who your new co-worker is.”

Oh god, please help me if I get put on shifts with him!

I seriously hate this kid! He always does these things just to annoy me!

Avery’s calling. Gotta answer this.


12 am

Dear diary,

I can’t sleep. I should really get some since I start work at 7 tomorrow/this morning.

I told Avery about the incident at work and she legit started yelling at me saying that I should quit.

Uhm. No thanks! I need this job.

(Real world) *beep beep*

I swear I just hear a car honking. But who on earth would be up honking at this late hour?

Let me go check out the window. Being at the front of the apartment sometimes has its perks.


IT’S ZAYN! I swear this kid. He was miming at me that I should come down.

Dude no way!

(Real world) *rocks thrown at window*

I just heard two three light knock/click noises. Please not rocks.

Argh I give up. Let me go down. Bye (probably won’t write when I get back so night.)


Real Life.

I head towards Zayn outside, across the street from the apartment block.

“What do you want Zayn?” I whisper yell.

“I just came to confess my love for you.” He said all cocky.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.” I said in a monotone way..thingy. “Now seriously what do you want? I need to get to sleep! I have work at 7.”

“Well if you have work shouldn’t you be asleep already?” He asked

“I’m having problems sleeping and you’re not helping at all.”

“Oh. Are you thinking about me too much that you can’t sleep?” he said stepping away from his leaning position on the car, closer to me.

“I wouldn’t even think of you in a million years.”

“I know you’re lying.” He said winking.


“What did you call me?” he said

Shit I said it out loud. “Nothing. Now can you please tell me why you are here at MIDNIGHT!”

“Shut your pie-hole! There are people sleeping.”

“Says the one who honked.”

“You’re funny. Okay, so the reason is that I came,” he stepped closer, “to tell,” another step closer, “tha- OH SHIT! SOMEONE JUST WALKED INTO YOUR APARTMENT WITH A GUN!” he whisper-yelled about 10cm away from me.

“Ha. Ha. Good joke.” I said back not believing him.

“SARAH I’M BEING SERIOUS! Did you even lock your door when you left!?”

“Yeah…wait. SHIT NO!” I say turning around and running across the road.

“SARAH DONT GO IN THERE! YOU CAN GET KILLED!” Zayn yells at me when I’m about to enter the lobby part.


Zayn came running over to me and comforted me….I need it so shh.

“Sarah it’s okay! Everything will be okay! Trust me!” he said hugging me.

“I’ve called the police, they should be here soon.” Mr. Maxwell, from the floor below me said.

“Thank you so much.” I said looked up at him as he started walking away, trying to evacuate everyone. “And Zayn, how can I trust you when you bullied me for all those years! All you did was put shit on me and made me feel like complete crap!”

“Sarah, the police have been called, they are right down the road. See look!” he said pointing at the lights a few miles away from us. “And look, I’m sorry for all I’ve done I didn’t know it affected you that much!”

“Didn’t affect me?! Tell me it didn’t affect me!” I said pulling up my sleeve showing him all my scars. “This is because of you and Avery, but mainly you!”

I struggled getting away from his grip on me so I can stand up. As soon as I stood up Zayn was up there with me.

“Sarah. I-i-I didn’t know.”

“Of course you didn’t know! NOBODY ON THE FUCKING WORLD KNOWS!” I yell as I break down into tears.

As soon as I’m in hysterics, Zayn’s there holding me.

“Zayn….please…let….me…go.” I say through sobs.

“I’m not letting go of you! EVER!” he said. I couldn’t help but notice the sadness in his voice.

Did I cause this? No way! He wouldn’t care about me in a million years.

I looked up at him and-

ooooohhh a cliff hanger :O 

what do you think happens? 

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