Dear Diary

Sarah has been bullied for the past 2 years by her ex-best friends.
When school starts again with a whole new look, what happens?
*Zayn Malik*


5. Weird

Dear Diary,

It’s Friday. I’m at school, Avery didn’t come today. I think it had something to do with missing school so her parents made her stay home aging to teach her a lesson? I’m not sure….

I’m in my spot, as usual, alone, as usual. When Zayn left yesterday, Avery came about 2 minutes later and of course I told her about Zayn’s visit… she was, okay about it. I guess. She didn’t really care.

We watched movies, ate pizza and went through tumblr…a few times. But she had to go at 10:30. It was a good afternoon/evening.

Because Avery isn’t at school today, I got bullied, like always. But it wasn’t Zayn or his dummies… It’s this try-hard chick that LOVES Zayn…idiot. Amy is her name…but there’s no point knowing that…

Zayn has been … good? He hasn’t done anything to me… it’s weird. He’s, normal. All he has done is smiled and say hi to me….myself and everyone around me were confused. People asked and I answered honesty, “I don’t know…”

There goes the bell, I better eat quickly or I’ll get in trouble from my next teacher for not eating at lunch.

Toodooloo x


Dear Diary,

Last 2 periods were bearable, but still annoying. Amy (annoying bitch) and Zayn were in them both…let’s just say that Amy was all over him….well trying. It was funny to watch because she would start talking about her or how ‘great’ Zayn looks and he would just ignore her and turn and talk to a dummy.

He asked dummy #1 (Jake) what the homework was because he wasn’t listening – surprise, surprise- and #1 replied saying something really, really stupid and Zayn called him a dummy and I chuckled…everyone looked at me and I covered it up saying, “The gardener fell on top of a plant he worked on for months,” which was true because I was staring out there when I heard them talk.

Zayn looked at me and smiled then winked…he is weird.

I haven’t heard anything from Avery ALL day…I’m getting worried.

I should get to sleep, I have work tomorrow morning. Yes I work! How do you expect I pay for food and stuff? I work at the local Starbucks on the weekend (mainly). They let me have this week off so I could get an idea of how school is going to be this year so I know what days to work…

I’ve decided, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays…as well as weekends.

I enjoy it so the more work the better. Ha ha.

Well night x

Heyyo :) 

Please leave a comment on whether i should continue ..

thanks xoxo

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