Dear Diary

Sarah has been bullied for the past 2 years by her ex-best friends.
When school starts again with a whole new look, what happens?
*Zayn Malik*


4. Unexpected Visit

Dear Diary,

It’s Thursday. Sorry but there was nothing important to write about.

I stayed home today because I’m not feeling well. Avery didn’t go to school either so she’s coming over in about an hour to do an “assignment”.

Yesterday, Zayn tried to talk to me about Avery but I just ignored him and walked away. He is getting really angry at us and is now wondering why we are doing this to him. Isn’t it obvious?!

There’s a knock at the door…it’s only 10 …. Avery said she’d be here at 11… Let me go check.


OMG IT WAS ZAYN! He was here for a good 30 minutes! Okay I’ll write everything that happened:

*Flash back to 30 minutes ago*

I walked down the hall to the front door wondering who on earth would be here. When I opened the door, I was greeted by an unexpected face. Zayn. What does he want?

“No hi? Well that’s nice.” Zayn said as he pushed past me to enter my house.

“What are you doing?! You can’t just enter my house without me inviting you in!” I said as I slightly slammed the door.

“Like I care what you say.”

Rude much.

“What do you want Zayn? And how did you even find out where I live?” I questioned.

“I’ve got my ways.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m here to talk about Avery.”

“Why do you want to talk about her? And she’s coming over soon so you best be on your way.” I said opening the front door and showing him out.

“Uh, uh ,uh. I’m not leaving anytime soon.” He walked into my living room.

I closed the door once again, groaned and followed him into my living room.

“About Avery.” He said as I sat down across from him. “She’s using you to annoy me.”

“Seriously?! Stop thinking EVERYTHING is about you! She doesn’t care what you think and I sure as hell know that you are lying!” I practically yelled, but stopping me before the old couple next door complains.

“Nothing is about me!” he said in defence. “Okay now can I continue?”

I slouched into my couch and just shrugged at him.

“You’re a lot sassier then I remember. Okay anyway, I just want to warn you that things between me and Avery are long over.”

“And is there any purpose in me knowing that?” I asked.

“Yeah, just in case you know...” Then he winked at me. That just made my stomach turns. I got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen to get water to keep the vomit down.

Surprise, surprise, he followed me in here.

“Are you going to ask me if I want anything?” he asked.

“Nope.” I said popping the p, then sculling the drink down.

“Whatever.” He said opening the refrigerator door.

“Are you going to continue?” I asked.

“Oh yeah!” he said closing the door. “Avery and I are long over, did I say that?” I nodded. “Okay well the real warning is that things are going to get ugly between my group and Avery.”

“Don’t you think that’s unfair? 7 against 1?” I questioned.

“7 against 2, you mean.” He said.

“2? Avery and?”

“Avery and you!”

“Oh NO NO NO! I’m not getting involved in anything! This is between you and Avery! Your group is useless, no offence, they are just stupid dummies! They don’t know reality and I bet they are flunking every class!”

“How did you know? Oh whatever! You’re friends with her now, you got yourself involved!”

“HA! So you did lie about her using me!”

“What? When? Who? Huhh?! ………. Ohh….”

I smiled the biggest smile! HAHA I got him.

“Oh whatever I don’t care!”

“Sure you don’t!” I said jumping up on the counter, getting comfy.

“Let’s move away from that. So you got yourself involved, and that means that there are going to be rumours about you too, but they aren’t going to be as bad as hers. I made sure of that.” He said as he leant on the other side of the island counter facing me.

“How could you start a rumour about her, saying that she cheated on you, and got pregnant with his baby?!”

“How did you know!?”

“Your dummies aren’t quiet talking about it, especially when I’m in front of them.”

“Idiots! UGH! You haven’t told her about it have you?”



“Well not yet anyway. I was going to when she was coming over. SHIT! What’s the time?”

“10:35? Why?” he said as he pulled out his phone to check the time.”

“You have to leave!” I said as I jumped off the counter. “She’s coming over soon!”

I walked towards the front door and opened it for him, but when I turned around he wasn’t there.

“Zayn? Zayn! ZAYN!”

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” He said as he walked out the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes. “ Leave! Now!"

“Stop rolling your eyes! Obviously you haven’t stopped that.”

I slapped his arm. “LEAVE!”

“Okay okay! I’m leaving! Bye!” He said as he walked out.

As soon as I was about to close the door he turned around, “Oh, and don’t tell anyone about my visit. That includes Avery and my…dummies.”

“Okay whatever. Go!” and I slammed the door.

*Flash back over*

Longish chapter because I've been lazy... oops.

What do you think so far? Please leave comments.

If you have any idea's on what should happen (like rumors, revenge etc.) please do say!

I'm not a thinker :P

oh well! BYEE! xoxo

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