Dear Diary

Sarah has been bullied for the past 2 years by her ex-best friends.
When school starts again with a whole new look, what happens?
*Zayn Malik*


3. Terrible

Dear Diary,

It's lunch and I’m in my corner. I woke up late so I was in rush and I couldn’t write.

Avery left around 11:30 last night. We just had this massive d ’n’ m session about anything and everything. It’s good having someone that I can talk to now. I didn’t say any of my deep secrets just in case she was just pretending to be there. I have trust issues because of them.

The main thing she needed to talk about was how sorry she was for bullying me. She said that Zayn was the reason behind it all. He had blackmailed her and said some harmful things to her during the relationship.

She’s scared now because she broke up with him and he told her if she ever broke up with him, he would try and tear her down.

That is just horrible! Zayn doing all that? Of course I wouldn’t have believed it, but you never know. Especially since you haven’t spoken to them in the past 2 years.

Avery is sitting with me in the library, but she had to go to the bathroom, so I took this as an opportunity to write in here.

Things seem like they are going alright, and I hope it stays like this for a while. It’s comforting having a friend.

Avery is back.

Bye x


Dear Diary,

When Avery came back she was in tears and her hair was all messy and her clothes were ruined.

Zayn had come into the bathroom whilst she was in there and threatened her saying, “I’ve seen you with Sarah. You don’t think I’m stupid do you? If you go back I will start tearing you down. Understand?”

Avery ignored him and left him in there and started walking back to where I was in the library. His group was outside the library and when she saw them, she didn’t have enough time to hide because they had already spotted her.

They chased her all around the school, throwing dirt and mud at her. She ran in here crying and came to me. You would never expect something so extreme to happen at this school; well you could since the teachers don’t give a shit about what we do.

That’s the only thing I hate about the school. It’s crap.

Anyway, in last period, two of the guys in Zayn’s ‘group’ were sitting behind me and I overheard them saying nasty things about Avery. They were telling each other what rumours they could start about Avery.

Some of them were so horrible! One of them was that she cheated with Zayn and got pregnant with the other guy causing them to break up.

Avery went home straight after lunch and texted me when she got there. She rang me before but it was nothing interesting.

I'd better have a shower before it gets too late.

Night x

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