Dear Diary

Sarah has been bullied for the past 2 years by her ex-best friends.
When school starts again with a whole new look, what happens?
*Zayn Malik*


2. School

Dear Diary

Monday morning, first day of school, just a bit nervous…..okay maybe a lot nervous.

I’m scared of what people will think of me, what will happen when they see me and if they will bully me because I’m “trying to fit in”. As if I’d want to fit in! I just want to be myself and be happy about it.

I guess then I shouldn’t be as nervous….

Well then, I have to go or I’ll be late.

I’ll update at lunch.

Ciao! x


Dear Diary

I’m currently sitting in the library, in my corner away from people.

When I walked through the front gates of school, everyone was staring. And I mean EVERYONE!

I heard some people say, “is that a new girl?” and then I heard others go, “Is that Sarah?! Woah she has changed.” Those ones made me feel alright I guess.

When I was walking to first period, Zayn was walking in the opposite direction. When he passed me he stopped, turned around and caught up to me and said, “Hi. Are you new, because I have never seen your pretty face here before?” He said in my ear so he didn’t look at me.

It was until I turned around, scoffed in his face and stormed down the hall, I heard him say in a shocked tone “Sarah?!” but I just ignored it continued walking down.

Oh rats, someone is whispering my name. Not many people know I sit here so I’ll be surprised to see who it is.

They’re close, bye x


Dear Diary

Homework is all done, thank god!

The person that was whispering my name was Zayn. Yes I was caught off guard but then when he saw my confused and shocked expression, so he simply said, “You don’t think I remember you sitting in this corner from year 7?”

Now that spooked me. Amazing how he remembers things from 2 years, now almost 3 years ago.

He just came over to say he was sorry about what he said before, and then left. Dick.

Last two periods nothing new happened just the same old bullying and teasing like the years before. But Avery didn’t say anything, she just ignored everyone….I wonder what’s happening there.

I heard someone say earlier today that she and Zayn broke up over the holidays but I don’t think that’s the problem.

Phone just buzzed, I got a text message from an unknown number…. Okay?

It said, “Hey Sarah, I hope this is Sarah otherwise it will be awkward, it’s Avery. I was just wondering if I could come around at 6:30 if that’s okay? We need to talk.”

Okay…. What. Was. That.

I replied, “Yeah that’s fine, I have a new address, since you know.”  And I added the address.

Of course she knew, she was practically there when I got the news. It was the most tragic thing to ever happen in this town, and it sadly happened to my parents. My mum got raped and then got murdered whilst my dad had to sit through her getting raped and then got killed.

Before they died, they wrote a letter knowing this would happen because they have been getting blackmailed months before. The letter said that my older brother, Sam, and I would live in the apartment which we live in now, and that we should stay in school.

Sadly Sam had to move to London to go to school, so I’m alone now.

It’s sad and weird knowing this all happened less than a year ago.

Avery just replied, “Thank you, and I’m sorry about all that. I’ll be there soon.”

Even though she bullied me, she still came to their funeral, which I thought was alright but awkward. She hadn’t bullied me as much as she did since, but still did things every now and then.

I still remember that day (sorry for just letting this all out, I need to). It was during school and I was called to the principal’s office and she told me everything.

Avery was outside doing some paper work for her holiday to Australia, and she overheard everything. I was in the principal’s office for about 5 minutes just crying when she came in and comforted me.

It was weird at first, but she knew how much my parents meant to me. We promised to not tell anyone about it.

I also remember her telling me after the funeral that she mentioned to Zayn about attending but she just laughed in her face and said “why would you think about going?” I’m glad she still ended up comming.

Oops, there was a knock at the front door. Probably Avery.

Update in the morning.

Bye x

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