Dear Diary

Sarah has been bullied for the past 2 years by her ex-best friends.
When school starts again with a whole new look, what happens?
*Zayn Malik*


7. After Math

Dear diary,

What a night. I’m at Zayn’s house now… It’s 2:14pm right now. I finished work an hour ago and Zayn picked me up…not that I have a choice anymore.

After he said, “I’m not letting go of you! EVER!” last night, I looked up at him and we were both leaning in, don’t ask me why, and before our lips touched a police officer coughed causing us to back away from each other.

The police officer wanted to ask me questions about what happened. I told him the complete honest truth, from Zayn coming to Zayn telling me someone walked into my room.

It was 4am when all that ended…I know it was a very long night. The police said I shouldn’t stay in the apartment for about a week or so. I don’t know why. They wouldn’t tell.

I had no clue on where to go. I know Avery would ask her parents, but her parents don’t allow sleepovers.

I almost started hyperventilating but Zayn said I could stay with him. He lives by himself because his parents bought him a house.

I said no, I couldn’t do that. Not in a rude way or anything, just that I didn’t want to bug him. But he kept insisting for me to. I gave in after he kept asking for 5 minutes.

I decided that I should go to work. Work is like a second home to me.

When I’m stressed from school and I have work that afternoon, it always manages to clear my head and relax me.

Zayn said I shouldn’t have gone, saying that I need time to calm down and sleep.

That’s right. I haven’t slept yet. I’m starting to get tired and hungry, but I’m too scared to say so.

I feel restricted, uncomfortable and isolated. It’s too empty for a big house.

Zayn is like a butler to me. Checks on me every 10 minutes or so and asks if I want anything.

He should be having his regular check-up in about a minute or two. I should go.


I know it's short but i cant think of anything else to write here...

I have an information night tonight for subject selection for years 11 and 12.

I'm scared ..... xx

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