Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


2. The other one

Chapter 2- It’s silent. He’s just laying there now, you can hear his breath getting heavier, he’s fallen asleep. You have Luke Brooks asleep, with his arms around you. You start to think, no ones around, he’s asleep, I might aswell sleep too. So you do, you close your eyes and slowly you start drifting off. But then, you hear voices, four of them. The boys are coming back. Beau sees you laying there in his arms, he gets jealous. All you hear is “Uh-uh!” you open your eyes, you see sand flicking and a shadow running towards you, he slides, sits beside you, acting all cool and says “What’s up babe?” You whisper to him, “Um, Beau, I think Luke is sleeping... What do I do?” Beau leans over you, looks at Luke and giggles “Haha, yep. He sure is. Just leave him, he’ll be asleep for a while.” You start to think, will he be okay if I leave him? Will he wake up in a fright? Will he think we’ve all left him? But then you look at Beau. He gives you the puppy dog eyes look and gives a little grin, stands up and holds his hand out. You grab it and he says “Come with me. I have something to show you.”  You gently get up, trying not to move Luke and walk with Beau. Beau stops, looks at you and says “Favourite restaurant?” Your eyes widen, your mouth opens and he just giggles. He knew he wasn’t going to get an answer out of you so he says “Ah, okay. I’ll suprise you.” He calls out to Jai, Skip and James and says “I’m taking her out for dinner. She looks like she deserves it. Tell Luke when he wakes up that i’ve got her.” The boys look at each other, Jai says with a confused look on his face “What the hell?” James and Skip just stand there looking at Luke then back to you, then looking at Beau and back to you and before you know it they were looking at all 3 of you in confusion. They didn’t know what was going on. They thought Luke had you, that Luke was going to want to be with you. Not Beau. But Beau was always the kind of guy that took an opportunity as he seen it. He wasn’t going to leave me on the beach when Luke was sleeping, he wanted his shot.  You get in the car, he drives you to the most expensive restaurant, opens the car door for you and as you get out of the car, he grabs your waist and escorts you to the reserved table for two. He orders your favourite meal with your favourite dessert with a candle lit. The night is over, he goes to take you home, he asks “Okay so, where do you live? I’ll drop you home and you can come visit tomorrow?” You laugh, look down and on the corner of your eye you see Beau waiting for an answer, quietly you say “Uh Beau, can I stay at yours tonight?” You see his face lighten up and he replies with an instant “Of course you can!” He drives you back to his, you discover it’s only a 10 minute drive from yours. You get to his house, he parks the car, opens your door and you walk into his house. Gina is sitting on the lounge watching tv, Jai and Luke are up stairs in their room and James and Skip have gone home. Beau leaves you to introduce yourself to Gina as he goes upstairs to the boys. Gina had an idea who you were, Luke and Jai already spoke about you. Gina stands up and says “So you must be the amazing girl all my 3 boys want?” You blush, you knew Luke and Beau were into you but now Jai? You didn’t know what to do by now. Before you could answer, Beau yells from the top of the stairs “Babe, come up!” You race up the stairs, you see Luke sitting on the end of his bed in a ball, his head buried into his knees and Jai just sitting on the side with his elbows on his knees as his back arches, you’re worried, you don’t know why they look upset. Beau said “I think we have a bit of competition... You’re a bit popular in this house...” Luke looks up, gives you a small smirk and a huff, Jai looks you in the eye and says “I wish I was involved... We’ve had no connection what so ever yet...” So you being you, the courteous girl you are, you inform them that you’ll sleep down stairs on the lounge so no one gets more jealous. They all seemed pretty happy with the choice and say goodnight. Luke stands up, grabs you by the waist, pulls you in whispers “Goodnight beautiful” into your ear and kisses your forehead. Jai just sits on his bed, and says “Night.” Without even showing any affection, you’re getting confused right about now. Beau leads you out of the room and grabs you a blanket and pillow, walks you down stairs and says, “goodnight babe, i’ll see you in the morning.” Whilst giving you a kiss on the lips and making sure you’re comftorble and warm.
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