Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


4. The next day

Chapter 4- "LUKE! GROW UP! NOTHING HAPPENED, CALM THE FUCK DOWN BRO! SHE'S NOT EVEN YOURS!" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE YOUS DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL LASTNIGHT? I'M NOT AN IDIOT JAI! HOW COULD YOU LIE T-" You sit up, listen to them arguing and they notice you sitting there, they stop arguing in mid sentence. You sit up straighter and rub your eyes, they both untense their arms, their faces drop and they rub the back of their neck whilst telling themselves how much of an idiot they are. You stand up, walk over to them and apologise. "Jai, Luke, i'm sorry. I shouldn't have come over lastnight, don't fight over me. I'll let you live your lives now, hopefully i'll catch a smile at the next meet and greet?" You grab your phone and walk out the door. You dial your mums number and it starts ringing, within the first ring the front door flings open and your name gets called out, it's Beau. "Hey Hey Hey, what's going on? Where are you going babe? What happened?" You turn around, look at him, tears build up in your eyes and all you say is "i'm going home. i'll see you at the next meet and greet hopefully." his face cringes, his head shakes in confusion and he questions what happened, all you have to say is "I stuffed up. I shouldn't have come." You start walking again, you live 10 minutes around the corner, no big deal.    Beau runs inside, grabs Luke and Jai by the shoulder, spin them around and question everything. They both yell everything at Beau at the same time, Beau gathers the information he could and says "right, so you're trying to tell me that Jai slept with her lastnight?"  "WE SLEPT, JUST SLEPT. NOT SEX, JUST SLEEP!" shouted Jai.  "Yeah right." scuffed Luke. Beau started tensing up, Jai crossed his arms and Luke held his arms over his head whilst heavily breathing to try and calm down. You're standing at the end of the street, you can still hear all this. You want to run up there and help Jai out and stick up for him, you contemplate it, but not sure if it's going to be a good idea. The only thoughts going through your head were "Do it. You dickhead. You made this mess, go clean it!" so you did. You knock on their door, it opens by itself, you get evils from Luke. You walk in and all you say is "Me and Jai didn't have sex, we cuddled together and kissed lastnight. That is all." Jai's face lights up, "You came back to stick up for me?" "Of course I did. I heard you from all the way down the street. I wasn't going to leave this a mess when I was the problem." Luke looks at you, evil eyes you and Jai "I thought we had something going on? I thought I could have built a relationship with you." Jai butts in and says "Did you not know Beau took her out to dinner lastnight you idiot?!"  Luke's face drops, he turns around, looks at Beau as if he is ready to pounce on him, but runs the other way and out the door. He falls over on the front lawn and cries.  Beau chases after him and says "Bro, that was nothing! what's your deal? She's just a girl?" Luke looked up at him, "dude, she's not JUST a girl. I think she is THE girl. I've never felt this before. She's perfect."  You're standing within hearing distance, Jai is beside you, you look at Jai, your face drops you run upto Luke and glance at Beau as in a look to say 'can we have a minute?'   Luke looks at you, "What do you want?" you sit back "Wow. I just heard what you said about me and that's what you say to me?"  he apologises "i'm sorry. i'm just annoyed. I do like you... a lot... like, a lot..." You smile, grab his cheek, pull it towards you, your noses are touching and you go "I'd prefer you over your brothers anyway (;" You think to yourself, 'aw shit.. that sounded really rude..' but he looks at you with the biggest smile, like a 5 year old in a lollie shop. You stand up, hold your hand out so he can grab it and help him up, you pull him in and give him the tightest hug you've ever given anyone. You don't know what you're going to tell Beau and Jai, but as soon as you walk upto the front door Jai looks at you and says "Don't say it. I know." Beau looks at you and shakes his head "I know too. I understand. He always gets his way." You blow out in a huff with a whole heap of stress held in your shoulders. Luke walks behind you, grabbing your shoulders and massaging them until they loosen. Beau and Jai walk off and say "Lucky you Luke." in a very sarcastic manner.   Luke looks at you, "Don't worry about them. They're being dicks." He grabs each side of your face and pulls it into his and kisses you. "You're the only person in this world I want to be around." You're speechless, having no idea what to say you just smile.
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