Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


1. The meeting...

Chapter 1- You're meeting the boys for the first time, you're almost 50m away from the table they're all sitting at, you get impatient. You can see them smiling at all the girls and you see their lips move in the motion of "I love you" and all you can think is "HURRY THE HELL UP, I WANT MY TURN!" you start getting restless, you move around a lot and eventually, unexpectedly you grasp James', Skip's, Beau's, Luke's and Jai's attention. James giggles, Skip grins, Beau winks, Jai gives the biggest smile and Luke bites his lip. All your favorite features about the boys are all happening at once, you don't know how to contain yourself. Luke stands up and gestures you to come over.   Without any hesitation, you run to the front of the line, Beau stares you down, chucks you a wink, Luke stands up, walks over to you, grabs your hand and sits you on his lap. You've been sitting up there for about 5 minutes now, getting evil stares off fans, draining the attention from all boys. The security look at the time, notice the M&G has gone over time, so they shut it down but let you stay. Luke wraps his hand around your waist, whispers into your ear "Do you know why you're up here, babe?" you giggle and say "Is it ‘cause i'm lucky?" Luke smirks and says, "Yep. You're extremely lucky" they all stand up and start walking off, Luke lingers his fingers with yours and tells you he's going to let you spend the rest of the day with them.    They take you to Beau's car, all the boys pile up in the back, all squished up and say you can sit in the front with Beau. Beau smiles and says, "do you like sunsets?" You're mind blown, under half an hour ago you were standing in a line with a thousand other girls in the heat waiting just to get to meet the boys and now you're sitting in a car with them getting asked if you like the sunset?! Talk about living the dream.   Beau drives off, takes you to the best beach in the state and says, "oh look, it's 5:30, the sun is setting." They all get out of the car, so you follow and get out aswell. They all start walking along the beach, Luke waits for you, grabs your waist and leads you down to the shore. Normally, he will be taking photos of the sunset but tonight was different. He was admiring you, he was sitting with you on the sand, close to the water, watching it all wash up as the sky turns orange, he looks at you and the sun and goes "wow. I don't know what's more beautiful tonight, you or the sun. But then again, if I said the sun I would definitely be lying." Your mouth drops and your eyes widen, you had no idea what was going on. He giggles and puts his head down. Beau, Jai, James and Daniel are all running along the beach attacking each other with sand and flicking water whilst Luke is making you the happiest girl alive.    Luke looks at you, you look at him, your eyes meet and linger for what feels like hours, he lays you down on the sand and tells you you're beautiful. You can feel his hands on your hips, he slowly and gently starts moving his face towards yours as he makes deep eye contact with your lips, you hold his face, pull it closer to yours and softly kiss him, you start getting more passionate and so does he, you slowly open your mouth as his tongue enters yours. You feel his hands on your waist as yours are pulling his shirt off over his head, it doesn't stop him from wanting to kiss you even more. He kisses your lips once more, then he slowly kisses your neck, he's got your turn on spot. You can't control yourself anymore, you sit up, tell him to lift your top off and he does, he gently lays you back down, tells you to relax and explains to you he will take care of you.   He kisses all the way down to your stomach, his lips stop just above the button of your jeans and he slowly unbottons them whilst biting his lip. You're moaning already, he slides your pants off, looks up at you and smiles. He holds your thighs and you start moaning louder and louder, you can feel his lip ring against you which makes you even more turned on. Just before you climax, he stops, he kisses from your stomach back upto your neck, you roll him over and tell him it's his turn for satisfaction. He lays under you, your legs on either side of his shirtless body as you lick his neck. He's speechless for words, all he can say is your name, even that's hard for him to get out. You feel something hard arousing from under you, you unbotton his pants, unzip the zipper and throw them off. You satisfy him as good as you can, before he blows he moans, it gets louder so you stop. You tell him, "Alright baby, we're ready."    Slowly and gently, he inserts himself into you and goes for it. You can feel his body scraping against yours, you're both ready to climax, you're both yelling each others names and before you know it, Luke looks into your eyes, you tell him you're done and he says he is too, so he lays next to you, wraps his arm around your waist as the last bit of the sun dissapears and it's nothing but clouds left in the sky.
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