Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


5. The boys

Chapter 5- Luke picks you up and chucks you over his shoulder, runs upstairs with you, opens his bedroom door and before you know it, you're in mid air about to land on his bed. He rushes to close and lock his door, looks at me and says "babe, I have something I want to ask you..." your stomach turns, your hands shake and you can feel a massive weight land back on your shoulders. He walks over to you, sits next to you on the bed and says "This is so crazy, but i'm falling for you. Yes we only met yesterday, but I brung you up for a reason. I want to be with you. Will you be my girlfriend?"   Your cheeks go bright red, your eyes widen and your shakes go even more insane than they already were. You open your mouth and what comes out shocks you "Luke, yes. I will, I don't want to hurt your brothers but I want to be with you." Luke's face lit up, his eyes widen and he gotten a massive rush of happiness. The girl Luke wants to spend the rest of his life with is now his girlfriend. Luke lingers his fingers in with yours and leans in for a kiss, Beau and Jai run upstairs, barge in the door without knocking to see what was going on, they see you two about to kiss so they stand shocked. They know what's going on now, they're not stupid, they realised you're together. Jai looks at your hands and says "Of course." and walks out, Beau just follows. Beau and Jai walk downstairs, Gina is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Beau runs to the bench and says "Mum! what's for dinner? i'm starving!" Gina replies, "Geez Beau, calm down! Are your brothers as hungry as you?" Jai replies, "I am, Luke is probably full though. He's upstairs sucking face." Gina drops the knife she's cutting the carrot with and says "Who's face is my baby sucking?!" She rushes upstairs, bangs on the door and says "Luke, who's face are you sucking?!" You just burst into laughter, you've never heard anyone say it like that before. Luke is trying to hold back his laugh and says "The same girl as yesterday Mum." She just stood there, confused because she thought you had a thing with Beau. She just walked out, not bothering to question anything. She walked down the stairs and says to Jai and Beau, "It's only her, it's okay. But I thought she had a thing for you, Beau?" Beau looked at her and mumbles to himself "Ha, yeah. So did I." Gina puts the dinner on the stove and waits for it to cook.    Now that Gina is downstairs with Jai and Beau, Luke and I are now alone. He lays me down, moves the hair out of my face and says, "Stay tonight? I want to make you feel special." I look into his eyes with the biggest smile on my face and just as I was about to answer Gina yells out "Dinners ready!" So I said to Luke, "Well, I might aswell now!" He smirked and said "Good. You were staying anyway."   I walk downstairs infront of Luke and shout out "What's for dinner Gina?" Before she could answer Jai mumbles to himself "Not the back of Luke's throat." Beau reaches over the bench to give him a high five as he laughs. Gina calmly says "Now now boys. be nice." I had to admit, it was a pretty funny call. Luke didn't think so though. I felt a lot of tension within this house now. But I wasn't going anywhere. I was going to fix this.
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