Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


10. Thank you Mum

Chapter 10- You're leaving the train station now. Your mum pulls you aside from Luke, takes a deep breath and says "Darling, I want you to come home. I miss you. You can visit Gina and the boys whenever you want, just come home." Your facials change from being happy to mindblown. She said you could visit whenever, that meant all the time, right? Luke looks over, sees you talking and notices you're thinking about something, he walks over and says "Babe, what's happening now?" You look at him, a lump forms in your throat and you explain to him "Mum wants me to move back home. But she said I could visit whenever I wanted. I'm only 10 minutes around the corner, we can do this, right?" His facials change instantly, he looks at you and says "Only if you promise to see me everyday." and a smile stretches his face instantly. He picks you up, you wrap your legs around his waist again and say "I promise!" he does his cute little giggle and kisses you. Beau and Jai are in the background and all you can hear is Beau "Oh come on. Enough of the face sucking. Lets go home, I don't like it here. It smells funny." You feel Luke pull away as he laughs at Beau. He puts you down, grabs your hand and starts walking towards the car. You pull away "Nah uh, stay still!" You jump on his back and tell him you want a piggy back, he looks at you with a cheeky grin and says "You're such a child" and he runs with you to the car whilst making car noises as he runs around poles making you laugh hysterically. Your mum is standing 20m behind you, you catch a glimpse of her and a tear roles down her face, you slide off Luke's back and she starts walking over. "I never knew how happy you could be. I've never heard you laugh like that. He really makes you happy, doesn't he?" You just think to yourself, "haha yep. I was once just a fan girl, but now, i'm his girl." You just smile at your mum as she pulls you in for a hug, "Go. Live with him. I'm impressed with him, he makes my little girl more happier than I can. Go. Don't question it, just do it. I know it's what you want." The smile on your face is the biggest it's ever been, you kiss her on the cheek and run at Luke, he's got his back towards you, you sneak up on him and go, "I shotties the left side of the bed!" All he does it give you a blank stare. "...what are you talking about?"  "I'm moving in again. The left side of your bed, is now mine. Okay?" He screams in excitement, unexpectedly he walks over to your mum, thanks her and gives her a hug.   Jai opens the car door so he can get in, you quickly hop in the back seat, Jai has a confused look on his face, Beau turns around "Wait, what are you doing here? Aren't you going back with your mum?!" Jai jumps in "That's what I thought too?" You giggle, "Aw boys. I'm not going anywhere now! Guess who you'll have to put up with 24/7 again?" They look at each other, their mouths drop and they scream in excitement. Luke sits next to you in the backseat as Beau drives off with a massive grin. Luke lingers his fingers with yours as you lean on him the whole car trip.   *15 minutes later*   You're home. At the Brooks house. Luke opens the door, helps you out and gives you a look, winks and nudges his head in the direction of his bedroom window. You know what he's upto, you just laugh at him and lead the way inside. 
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