Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


6. MUM!

Chapter 6- Two weeks have past now. The tension has eased, Beau and Jai are alright with you and Luke now. But sometimes you still feel as though you shouldn't be there. You should be gone, far away. But you won't leave Luke. You can't. All the boys are getting along now, just like they used to before you came along. James and Skip find it a little weird that you're in the picture, but you think you're growing on them. You and Luke are as happy as you've ever been, theres no stress, no awkwardness, no feeling like you're being spoken badly about, it's good. You live with them now. Beau has moved into Luke's old room that is sharing with Jai and you and Luke now have Beaus. It was fair. Well.. On uour half. But beside the point, you're all good now.   Gina treats you like her own child, she cooks you dinner, makes sure you're alright, tells you she loves you, she's your second mum. You wouldn't ask for any better.    You're home alone at the moment, just you and Luke. We haven't been alone for about a week now. Luke was craving sex, so were you. You were both feeling super horny. You went and made sure all the doors were locked so no one could barge in unexpectedly. Luke comes over to you, shirtless, pantless, only in his bright purple bonds undies that he is obsessed with, the ones you love, he grabs the bottom of your shirt, lifts it over your head and passionately kisses you whilst pulling you onto the floor. You give him a look, he giggles and says "Screw the bed baby, lets do it right here, right now." You liked that side of Luke, the kinky side. As he pulls you onto the floor, he unclips your bra and flys it across the room. He slips your pants off and throws them behind. Slowly and gently he inserts his fingers into you and makes fast, strong movements until you moan in satisfaction. His long fingers slide out, your hands go around the top of his underwear lining, slowly pulling them down as he throws himself at you and kisses you till you're laying on the floor, your hands reach to his penis and as it starts to get harder, you push Luke down so he's on his back and start sucking until he is about to climax, all he can say is "It feels good baby, don't stop." But just to be a tease, you stop as soon as he's ready. He sits up, looks at you, grins and once again, pushes you down to the ground as he inserts himself into you whilst moaning like the sex machine he is. You enjoy every second of it and wish it will never end, as his body is rubbing against yours, he grabs your breasts and makes hard, circular motions with them to get both of you more excited just to spice things up a bit more.    As you're both about to finish, a car pulls into the driveway. Luke didn't recognise it, but you did. It was your mum. You know, the one you haven't seen or spoken to in 2 weeks?
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