Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


9. Lukey

Chapter 9- The train still isn't there. It's been 25 minutes. You're getting impatient, you walk up to the counter and ask where the train is and how far away it is, you don't like the station, it's cold, dirty and scary. As you're walking to the counter theres a pole 20m ahead, "Oi! You! You're not going anywhere!" You look around, you're freaking out, were they talking to you? who was it and where were they?" You turn around a few times, a guy walks out from behind it as your back is facing him, he runs up, wraps his arms around your waist, picks you up and spins you around. You scream in terror, you feel like you're being kidnapped. It's Luke. He's come to get you, to win you over. He puts you down and kisses your forehead for a long period of time and says "Don't leave me? Please don't leave me? Where are you going?" You look at him, with a blank stare "Uhh...Uh Luke, babe, mum is making me move 3 hours away... I don't know where we're going but all I know is i'm never coming back. Ever..." His face drops, his knees collapse to the floor and his head hits his hands as he lets out a whimper. He looks up at you and says "Babe, don't lie to me.. You're just going for a day, right?" Why is he making this so hard on himself? Your body goes weak and you start crying. You sit next to him, your hand on his back and softly and dig your head into his shoulder without saying a word. He turns to you and grabs you as he hugs you as tight as ever.    You hear foot steps running towards you, Beau and Jai. They see you and Luke on the floor, instantly they know what is going on. Beau runs at you, with his hand on your back comforting you whilst Jai tries talking to Luke to make sure he's going to be okay. This is the closest you've seen the boys since all the drama happened. You're trying to tune everything out, you don't want to hear Luke crying, you don't want to see Jai and Beau worrying, so you look away. Gina and your mum are talking... Gina points to you, your mum raises her voice... things look like they're going to get ugly soon. You stand up, walk over to them and ask what is going on. Your mum looks at you, looks at Gina and says "Well, are you going to talk to her about it or should I?" Your stomach sinks and your heart beats faster "What? What? What's going on?!" Gina looks at you, your mum looks down at her feet and up to the roof and says "I want you to be happy. I shouldn't be punishing you like this. We'll stay. But if you mess up once more, we're leaving. Deal?" Your mouth drops, you jump in excitement and give her the biggest hug you've ever given her. Luke, Beau and Jai all stand up, look over all confused wondering why you were so happy. You turn around, run at Luke, jump on him so your legs wrap around his waist and your arms around the back of his neck and kiss him, you whisper in his ear "Guess who's staying babe?" He squeezes you tighter, his eyes widen and he has the biggest smile on his face. Jai and Beau are standing to the side high fiving each other and thanking your mum.    Luke lifts you down, grabs your face and pulls it into his as he kisses you, inbetween each kiss he stops and smiles.
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