Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


12. Hehehehehehe ;)

Chapter 12- As Luke gently gets off of you, stands up and asks if you're in need of a drink his voice still pants and sweat pours off his body. He leans down and puts his underwear back on, your still breathing heavily and his hand reaches out to help you up, he walks to the kitchen and pours two drinks. You walk behind him, slipping your bra back on and sliding your underwear up, you grab his waist and kiss his shoulder blade gently and slowly, he smirks and you can tell he's thinking of more and more. He turns around, hands you your glass and kisses your lips gently, you grab the glass out of his hand, put it back on the bench and hold his chest as you gaze into his eyes. By now, his face is concerned but a smile still manages to approach his exhausted face. Your hands work their way up to each side of his neck, you pull yourself in towards him, you stand on your tippy toes to be at his height and gently, you bite his neck, he starts moaning already, you've got his turn on spot. You gaze up at him, your hair has fallen infront of your face, his soft fingers move it out of the way slowly and his hands slide down to your shoulders. His fingers slip under your bra strap and work their way around to your back, his hands start from your waist and slowly slide up and he undoes your bra clips, it falls to the floor and his lips connect with yours, he bites your lip and you let out another moan, he grins and uncontrollably, lifts you onto the kitchen bench, you've never been lifted so fast and spun around, his hands are now on either side of you as his head is at your chest level. His face pushes into your cleavage and his tongue goes from the middle of your cleavage to around one breast and slowly finds its way to the other one. Your hands pull at his hair and your chest pushes out as you moan louder. He smirks and his hands sit on your hips. His eyes gaze into yours and he whispers into your ear "Lay down, baby." One hand holds your back as the other holds your legs and lifts them onto the bench, you're laying horizontally infront of him in just your underwear. His lips gently kiss your forehead, down to your cheek, to your neck and gently, his tongue leaves his mouth and licks from your chest to your belly button. As he gets to your belly button he stands up straight and grabs onto the lining of your underwear and with one finger he removes them to below your knees, you lift your legs so they bend up and he scrapes his finger along your thigh causing you to moan louder. He grins, looks at you, kisses your thigh and climbs onto the bench between your legs, his body hovers over yours and he gropes your thighs. He makes his way down to your vagina and slowly pecks the inside of your thigh with his lip and the coldness of his lip ring causes your back to arch up and your hips to tense up, as he lets go of your inner thigh you release the tension and lay back down, but he's not done yet. He licks from the same spot on your thigh to your clitorous, his tongue inserts and you're moaning even more now. He repetively licks in the same motion whilst groping your thigh even tighter every second as he arouses. His tongue gets further and further in, he sits up, hovers over you, you go to speak but he stops you. His index finger touches your mouth as he quitely says "Shhhhh." That same finger enters your vagina and makes slow movements in and out, eventually in goes two, going faster and faster your mouth opens and your bottom lip trembles. He glances upto you and grins. "You're so wet now baby. Just a little bit more and you'll be satisfied." His fingers go faster and further, they get stronger and you climax, you're weak now. No strength to get up, no strength to talk. His erection is harder than ever, you find the strength in yourself to sit up and climb off the bench, you turn him around as he sits up so he is sitting directly infront of you and your mouth meets his arousal. You start slowly sucking, his bottom lip trembles and he moans, "Suck baby, suck." you go faster and faster, your hands are on each thigh and the faster you suck, the tighter you grasp. It gets him more excited, he lays his hands on your back and creates sex scratches just before he cums. You can tell he's ready, you gently tickle his thigh with the tips of your fingernails and suck once more as you slowly pull away from his penis as he climax's.   You look at him and grin, "Your brothers will be home any minute now with your mum. Put some clothes on and we'll go upstairs." He looks at you, looks at your bra on the floor, sees your panties on the edge of the bench and smirks, he jumps off the bench, grabs your underwear and his underwear as he picks you up so your cradled into him and runs up the stairs, "baby, i'm exhausted, you're exhausted. Lay on my bed, close your eyes and we'll sleep." You nod your head in agreement, he lays the blanket over you and climbs into bed next to you as your eyes close and his arms wrap around you and you both fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.
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