Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


7. FUCK!

Chapter 7- So you know how you left the meet and greet a couple of weeks ago and went with the boys straight away? Yeah? You forgot to inform your mum. She comes rushing through the door yelling at you, not caring who you're with or where you are, not realising you're fully naked and not even seeing Luke laying ontop of you covered in sweat also naked, until she looks down on the floor. She sees you two speechless, shocked and mouth dropped, she screams. Her daughter left without any notice and is now sleeping around with some random guy she never met before?   You stand up, find your shirt and cover yourself as she starts shaking in terror. "Mum, I know this looks bad but this is Luke... my boyfriend... from the Janoskians? I've been living here the past 2 weeks... I'm sorry I never told you or come home. I'm only 10 minutes away." She looks at you, looks at Luke and is speechless. Before she could say anything Beau drives up the driveway and Gina follows. All you can think to yourself is 'oh yay. This will be interesting.' Gina walks into the house quickly because there is an unusual car in her driveway, Beau does the same, she's shocked to see your mum standing there, whilst both of you are naked. Beau runs in, sees you naked and runs out laughing "HAHAHA, CAUGHT IN THE ACT!" He thought this was hilarious. Your mum tells you to go upstairs, get whatever you had and to get in the car, she's taking you home. You start crying, Luke's face drops and Beau stops laughing. They don't want to see you leave, this means you won't be able to say goodbye to Jai, Skip or James either.    Your mum forces you, she told you if you don't, you'll never see the boys again. So you go upstairs in a huff, upset, annoyed, pissed off and worried, trying to hold back your tears you get everything you own and go back down. You hug Luke, give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him everything will be alright. You thank Gina for everything and she starts crying, she doesn't want you to go. She immediately takes you to the car and slams the door before you get to wave goodbye. She speeds off and grownds you. You get home, walk in the door and see a whole heap of boxes packed at the front door. All your furniture gone, all the rooms empty, nothing is left. It's all put in boxes. You question it, her only response is "We're moving. 3 hours away. You can call your little friend and say your goodbyes cause you'll never see him again."    You shut the door, slide down it and cry histerically. Your only option was to run away to their house. But if you did, she'd know exactly where you were. You had no choice but to stay.
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