Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


3. Caught

Chapter 3- It’s midnight now. You’ve been asleep for about 3 hours now, you hear someone walking down the stairs, you can’t make out who it is, they’re topless, in a beanie and a long pair of baggy pants. The stairs start creaking with every step taken, you think you’re dreaming, well you hope you’re dreaming and you go back to sleep. The kitchen light turns on, right across from you, the fridge screeches open, a glass hits the bench and you sit up. You walk over, it’s not your house but you want to see what is going on. It’s Jai, pouring himself a glass of water, he looks at you in a fright and says “Oh shit, did I wake you?” You giggle and say, “Yeah, but it’s alright. I’m used to it.” He feels bad and apologises and says he’ll be gone in a minute. You try to convince him to stay down stairs with you to talk, considering you’ve been distant with him for the whole time now. He agrees and wants to put on a movie, he looks at you and goes “Ever seen Step Brothers?” it’s your favourite movie, he wants to watch your favourite movie, without hesitation you say “Of course I have, LETS WATCH IT!” He smirks and puts it on, makes some popcorn and sits on the lounge, he sits next to you, tells you to lean on him if you want, just so you’re comftorble.  10 minutes into the movie you slide down, with your head on his lap, remembering the fact he is shirtless, you feel like you’re in heaven. He feeds you popcorn, whilst stroking your hair. As you’re laughing at the movie, he watches you. He giggles and says “I love your laugh!” That’s when you stop and stare at him. You hate being told by people that they love your laugh, it makes you feel awkward. Your cheeks go red and you turn back to the tv. He grabs your chin with his knuckles, nudges your face towards him, leans in and kisses you. You turn it into a passionate one, he doesn’t hesitate to pull away so you keep going. It gets more intense, you start to sit up, you’re sitting on top of him by now, one leg on either side of him. You grab his beanie, pull it off and start groping his hair as his hands slide onto your hips. You know where this is going, you know once you start you don’t stop. You start thrusting ontop of him as your hands slowly slide down to his chest. You pull away, bite your lip and he pulls a smile. You see his abs and he winks at you. You hear Luke jump out of bed upstairs, with him being on the top bunk in his and Jai’s room, you know when he’s gotten out, Jai looks up, his eyes widen and he pulls his hands off your hips as you push yourself off of him and just sit next to him.  Luke walks down the stairs, goes to the kitchen, gets a glass of water, looks into the loungeroom to see you and Jai watching the movie “Step Brothers! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!”. He comes and sits on the couch beside you and Jai. You start getting cold so you put yourself in a ball, Jai looks over at you, notices so he grabs your blanket, puts it over the both of you and gives you a smile. Luke just glances over and looks back at the tv. You feel something touching your hand, Jai grabs it and lingers his fingers with yours and pulls you into him. The movie is only 20 minutes in and you’re starting to fall asleep again, Luke looks like he isn’t far behind. Your eyes start to shut as your body goes weak, Jai lays down and brings you with him so he’s now cuddling you from behind. By this time, Luke is sound asleep, not even a bomb would wake him up, so Jai closes his eyes and goes to sleep.  This is the best day of your life. You had sex on the beach with Luke during sunset, Beau took you out to dinner and Jai cuddled you to sleep.
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