Imagine that

What will happen when you meet The Janoskians and get more then you could of ever dreamed of...


11. Back

Chapter 11- You're running up the stairs, something slaps your butt and you trip. It's Luke. Suprise Suprise. As you trip, he trips over aswell, he lands ontop of you and from outside all you hear is Beau yell out "GUYS, we're going back to the train station... we kinda left mum there..." You burst out laughing, "How the hell do we leave Gina at a train station?!" Luke looks at you, his fingers slowly tickle your thigh and he says "Well... we're alone... in an empty house... for what, half an hour?" he winks. You give him a smirk and grab his face as he lays down further into you and inserts his tongue into your mouth as his hands slide up your shirt and into your bra, he starts making circular motions and squeezing them every so often. You sit yourself up, his hands reach down to the bottom of your shirt and off it goes, his hands are on your waist now, it's your turn. Your hands slide down to the bottom of his shirt and pull it over his head so now, his shirtless body is making you want him more. You kiss his neck and slowly work your way down to his pants, you unbotton them and slide them off. He lays you back down, his hands go from your waist to your pelvis and his hands slide into each side of your pants and instantly takes them off. Yous are laying on the stair case in just your underwear by now, still passionately making out,he starts playing with your breasts again, this time, his mouth works its way down to your chest, he pulls your bra to the side and slowly starts sucking your nipple, as your nipples go hard he whispers in your ear "Don't worry about warming me up baby, do you wanna go for it?" His quiet, deep breath sends chills down your spine and without a word, you nod your head. You slowly grab the sides of his underwear and slide them down, he does the same to you and gently he inserts himself into you, his naked body is thrusting against you in slow, strong movements. eventually, it gets faster and faster. You start moaning, "LUKE, LUKE, OH LUKE!" As your voice gets louder, but slower, his actions go faster, by now it feels like he's going 100 miles an hour, his body starts going weak, "Babe, no, don't stop! Keep going!" You hold his back, giving him sex scratches, it intrigues him to give you more, he moans your name and at the same time, you both climax. He looks at you, smiles and says "Celebration sex is the best sex."
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