It's Gotta Be You

Lily Martinez is a nice,funny,sweet,pretty girl. She lives with her dad and her older brother,Jordan.She is 18 years old. Her mother pasted away a couple of years ago. Lily used to be in a relationship with a jockey,John. He was an abuser. Lily jas a bunch of scares from John. When she is alone, she always cries, but she broke up with John over a month ago. John is somehow is gonna get her back. She lives in Mami, but then, they moved to Homes Chapel. One of those days she meets One Direction. What would happen? Will she fall for one of the boys? Will John get her back?


12. OMG

I said bye to Louis because his next class was English and mine was gym with the boys. I started walking to the gym. Then I got a phone call. "Shit" I said. It was my dad. I answered it. "Hello" I said. "Hey Alex you called?" my dad asked. "Um… oh yeah… yeah I did" "what's up pumpkin" "I was wondering when you were going to come back from camping?" "Oh about that…" "what" "we weren't camping" "what?!" "Yeah we have been traveling to other places. Right now we are in Las Vegas." "LAS VEGAS?!?!" "Yeah I'm sorry. Don't worry we will come back though" "when?" "I don't know. We'll see" "okay bye dad I'm kinda in school gonna go to gym class… so yeah" oh okay bye" "wait tell Jordan I said hi I love you bye okay thanks dad bye". I hanged up. I started walking again. The boys were just standing there. I turned around and said "Come on guys. I don't want to be late to another class." "Coming" they said. We got to the gym room. "Hello Lily" Miss. L said while we walked in. "Hi" I said. She closed the doors. "Hey Bianca" I said. "Hey" she said. "Okay class, today we have a visitor. My cousin's cousin's cousin's friend's cousin, John Romero. John came in. Oh shit it's John I thought. Niall saw that I looked a little scared. "What's wrong Lily" asked Niall. "Nothing" I said. "No something's up cause you seem scared" he said. I sighed. "Fine. John is my ex boyfriend. He used to abuse me when we were dating." I said. "What?! That's just cruel and messed up. No man should ever hit ladies" he said. "Yeah I know" I said. John turned and saw me.
Wait is that Lily? It is. Eww who is she talking to. He is ugly. At least I'm hot. Wow and I didn't want to come. I'm glad at last I agreed to come. She was asking to go get a drink from the water fountain like a hall away from here. Of course Lucy I mean Miss. Lamar lets her go. "Lucy I mean Miss. Lamar can I go get a drink" I asked. "Go" she said. Someone's a grumpy elf. I walked to the fountain. I saw Lily getting a drink. "Hey!! Hey Lily!!" I said. "What do you want with my life" she said. I gave her a look. "Okay what" she said. "I never knew you came here" I said. "And so what" she said. "I still have feelings for you babe" I said. "First of all I'm not your babe and second you were the one who was being a fucking jerk to me. You abused me. Look at this, I have all these scars from YOU" she said a little pissed off. "I never meant to do that" I said. "Oh really you would say and I quote "Come over here you ugly stupid bitch. I'm beat your fucking ass up." she said. "Oh really you never said that. Do I need to show you the proof?" she said. "You still have it? I mean what proof" I said. "Yeah dumbass" she said. A girl came and said "Miss. L wants you guys back". "Hey Bianca" Lily said. Well her name was Bianca. "Hey lets go" Bianca said. Bianca and Lily left. Fuck I need to win her back but how. I started walking back. 
"You know John?" Bianca said. "Yeah sadly I do. He is my ex boyfriend." I said. "He pretty cute. How why did you guys break up?" she asked. "Well John was an abuser. He abused me A LOT. I was the one who broke up with him. Before when I told him I was breaking up with him all he said was "okay. I don't give a fuck. I never loved you anyway" and now he is saying that he still has feelings for me" I said. "Wow that's messed up" she said. "Yeah tell me about" I said. We walked into the gym."There you are Lily where have you been and where is John?" Miss L said. "Sorry but I would have gotten here faster but John kept holding me up he wouldn't let me come back here and I don't know where John is" I said. "He is coming in right now" Bianca said. Bianca and I went walking over to the boys and Alina. "So it's now 3 girls and 4 boys" Zayn said. "Yep seems like it" Hary said. "Seems? It is 3 girls and 4 boys" Liam said. "Well then" Harry said. I saw Tristan. He is so fucking hot. Like you would fall in love if you saw him. He looked at me. He waved hi. Then, waved "come here". I walked over there. "Hey" I said. "Hey do you want to hang out with me and a couple of my friends" he asked. There was about 3 other guys. They were hot too but for me Tristan was hotter. "Sure" I said. "You can bring Alina and Bianca if you want" he said. "Okay" I said. I walked back over to where the boys, Alina, and Bianca were. "Hey guys do you want to hang out with Tristan and his friends with me?" I asked to only Alina and Bianca. "Sure" Alina said. "Why not" Bianca said. "Hey guys Alina, Bianca, and I are gonna hang out with Tristan okay?" I said to the boys. "Fine" they said. I started walking away with Alina and Bianca. "They seemed jealous" Alina said. "Yeah they did" Bianca said. "Yeah they actually did. I wonder why. Like I hang out with them every time at gym and with you guys but this is the only day I'm not and they are jealous" I said. "Yea that's just weird" Alina said. "Well it doesn't matter cause we are gonna have fun with Tristan" Bianca said. "Yep" said Alina. "Word" I said. We walked over to Tristan and the others. "Girls meet Tyler, Zack, and Matt. Guys meet Alina, Lily, and Bianca… well mostly Lily but yeah you know what I mean." Tristan said. "Hi" they said. "Hey" we said. "Okay people we are going to start jogging. John you don't have to jog if you don't want to" Miss L said. "Yeah I don't to" John said. "Well good for you no one cares" Miss L said. Everyone started laughing but the boys cause they were to busy paying attention at us then what was happening. John started turning red. He sat on the stage bright red as a tomato. We started jogging. This time Miss L put music on. Good music like pop. I was jogging with Alina, Bianca, Tristan, Tyler, Zack, and Matt as a group. "The boys are watching us" Alina whispered to me. "Yeah and they look pretty pissed off" Bianca whispered. "Well who cared just ignore them" I whispered to both of them. The song Thank You by MKTO was on. Alina, Bianca, and I started singing "We are the ones the ones you left behind don't tell us how tell us how to live our lives ten million strong we're breaking all the rules thank you for nothing cuz there's nothing left to lose".  The boys just looked at us. "What" I said. "You guys" Zack said. "Just sing" Tyler said. "Beautifully" Matt said. "Like no joke" said Tristan. "Thanks" we answered. "Okay guys stop jogging. Now we are gonna go outside at the track you can do whatever I don't care" Miss L said. We walked out. We sat behind the the bleachers. All we did was talk about ourselves. John kept trying to give me a hug. I would move away and he would say "I will try to win your heart again". I said "oh yea how". "You'll see" was all he said. We walked back in. "You guys wanna hang out after school?" asked Tristan. "Yea sure why not" we all said (but Tristan). 

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