It's Gotta Be You

Lily Martinez is a nice,funny,sweet,pretty girl. She lives with her dad and her older brother,Jordan.She is 18 years old. Her mother pasted away a couple of years ago. Lily used to be in a relationship with a jockey,John. He was an abuser. Lily jas a bunch of scares from John. When she is alone, she always cries, but she broke up with John over a month ago. John is somehow is gonna get her back. She lives in Mami, but then, they moved to Homes Chapel. One of those days she meets One Direction. What would happen? Will she fall for one of the boys? Will John get her back?


10. Late

"Ahh now class…(sees them) well Mr. Payne, Mr. Horan, and Miss Martinez. What were you guys doing that you guys came late to my class?!" Mr. D said. "Um… we were" was all Liam said because Mr. D interrupted him. "Wait let me guess. You were having a 3 sum" Mr. D said with a smirk smile. "Noooo" we all said."well… NEVER BE LATE TO MY CLASS EVER AGAIN!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?!" He said. "Yea" said Liam. "Yep" said Niall. I said "yes sir". We went to go sit down to our seats. Alina sits next to me. "How come you didn't walk with me to class today" Alina whispered. "I was all the way at the entrance today. I started walling up the stairs but, when I got on the second step the bell rang. So, I started running to my locker and you know how far my locker is" I whispered back. "How come Liam and Niall were late?" She whispered. "They were with me" "oh" "yeah" "guys… guys… GUYS!!! Thank you for the attention. Okay I have here some plays. They aren't long nor that much of a short play. One has 4 parts. 2 boys and 2 girls. Who want to be those two girls?" Mr. D said. "Okay… Lily and… um… Alina. Come and get the plays. (Lily went up and grabbed the play) Now who wants to be the boys? ( Niall, Liam and 2 other hot guys raised their hands) ahhh… Niall and… Tristan. Now go to them for your plays. Now for everyone else I think you can choose your own" Mr. D said.
(Thinking) "FUCKING NIALL!!! FUCKING TRISTAN!!! FUCKING MR. D!!!!! Why couldn't he choose me?! I hate this!!" I walked up to see who chose me to be in their play. Awh great just great I was stuck with Emma. She has a MEGA crush on me. She is so weird. Ughhh great.
(Thinking) "yes!! I'm with Lily!! I saw Liam stuck with Emma. Haha his face. But I do feel bad for him. Poor Liam. Poor poor Liam.  I'm hungry." "Okay for the girls there is Pandora and Athena. Which one do you want to be Lily" Alina asked. "Um… I'll be… Pandora" Lily said. "Damn… okay I'll be Athena" Alina said. "Now for the boys" they both said. "There is Zeus" Alina said. "And Pandora's husband" Lily said. "So pick" they both said. "Okay I choose… Pandora's husband" said Tristan. "I'm Zeus" I said. "Okay now lets rehearse the play" we all said. We practiced 3 times. 
"Wow Tristan chose to be my husband in the play" I whispered to Alina. "Yea. I wonder if he likes you" She said. "No I don't think so" I said. "Okay guys time to perform the plays. Lily's group!! You're going to perform first." Mr. D said. We went up. We performed it in 7 minutes. The bell rang. "Well I guess we couldn't do all the plays. Oh well. Class dismissed" Mr. D said.

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