It's Gotta Be You

Lily Martinez is a nice,funny,sweet,pretty girl. She lives with her dad and her older brother,Jordan.She is 18 years old. Her mother pasted away a couple of years ago. Lily used to be in a relationship with a jockey,John. He was an abuser. Lily jas a bunch of scares from John. When she is alone, she always cries, but she broke up with John over a month ago. John is somehow is gonna get her back. She lives in Mami, but then, they moved to Homes Chapel. One of those days she meets One Direction. What would happen? Will she fall for one of the boys? Will John get her back?



*school finished*
I was walking out of the school with Alina and Bianca. Tristan, Zack, and Matt came up in Matt's car. "Hey girls need a lift?" Zack asked. We looked at each other. "Sure" we said. We got in the car and left. I was sitting next to Alina and Bianca. The boys sat in the front. There were 3 seats in the front and back. "You guys want to go to the park?" asked Tristan. "Ok" I said. We got to the park. "Where is Tyler" I asked.  "He is at a wedding" said Matt. We got out of the car and went into the park. We were just chilling there and talking. Until some random guy just punched Zack in the face. "What the fuck" I said. Zack got up and punched the guy back. "Oh shit" Tristan said. Then they started fighting. Suddenly two other guys started punching Zack while he was fighting with the other guy. That's when Tristan and Matt got in the fight. Alina, Bianca, and I were just watching. The other guys started started running away. "PUSSIES" Zack yelled. "I think we should hang out somewhere else" Tristan said.  "Any ideas" asked Matt.  "What about my place" I said.  "Yeah sure why not" they all said. We all went to the car and went to my crib. I unlocked my front door and enter my house. "Here we go" I said.  Alina sat on the couch so did the others. I closed my door and locked it. I grabbed my soccer and asked "soccer anyone". Everyone smiled and got up. We went into my back yard. We started playing soccer. I heard someone ring my door bell. "I'll be right back, someone is at the door" I yelled. I went inside and to my door. I opened the door. It was Harry and the boys but without Louis. "Hey guys what's up" I said.  "We decided to come and visit you" Harry said.  "Uh why" I said. "Cause" they said.  "So what are you doing" Harry said while I entered them into my house. I showed them what I was doing. "Oh I see your kind of busy with new friends" Harry said with an attitude.  "Guys, I know your my friends and all but I can hang out with other people then just you guys okay" I said. "Whatever" they all said. They left my house. I went back outside to play soccer. 25 mins later we went back inside. There was a knock on my door.     "I'll get it" said Alina. When she opened the door she saw John.      "What do you want" she said.        "Not you" he said while pushing her to the side.          "LILY!!! LILY!!!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!?!" yelled John.        "What the hell do you want and who said you can come in?" I said.          "I want you… and I said I can come in" he said.         "Well I didn't let you in and I don't want you." I said. John came closer to me.         "Oh but you do want me" he said.           "Oh but I don't" I said while taking a step back. He got mad and pulled me close to himself.             "I will take you out of here" John said.           "So basically, kidnap me" I said.           "Yes".         "I can call the cops and I have friends here to protect me".        "No you can't call the cops because you're not close to any phones. Your friends are all sitting on the couch".      "They can get up".             "Fine whatever. I will come back to get you when you are alone".               "Yeah… alright".             "I will. I mean it".          "Yeah yeah yeah goodbye" I said while shutting the door in his face.      "We only came in here for water" Bianca said.           "That's only the funny part" said Matt. We all got water bottles from my fridge.  We went back outside.  We did girls v.s. boys.  Zack was the goalie for Tristan's team. Alina was for mine.  I had the ball 1st. Tristan was the one blocking me.  I started charging. Tristan did the same. He got lower though. Suddenly, he picked me by my legs. He put me over his shoulder. He took the ball from me. My reaction was "ahhh put me down". He was running while I was on his shoulder. He made it to our goal. He kicked the ball. Alina blocked it though. Bianca was laughing. Then, Matt picked up Bianca the same way Tristan picked me up. Alina was laughing when suddenly, Zack picked her up the same way. All the boys were laughing while us girls were saying "put me down". After like a minute they put us down. We all sat on the ground. I saw that the guys finished their water. I grabbed their water bottles.         "Do you guys want more water?" I asked.    "Yes please" they said.           "Alina, Bianca. Can you guys help me?" I asked.           "Yeah sure" they both said. We went inside. I left the back door open.            "Okay, I got a prank. We refill their water bottles with really cold water. We sneak out outside with each having a water bottle. I just saw they sat on chairs. Okay, we sneak behind their seats. We have the water bottles opened. Then, we throw the water at them" I said.            "Okay" they said smiling. We started filling up the water bottles.
"Okay guys, now the we are alone... Do you guys like any of them?" I said.           "Yeah... I like Bianca" said Matt.           "I like Alina" Zack said.     "And I like Lily" I said. I heard a phone ring. I checked my pockets. So did the boys. We didn't have our phones. They were in the house.          "Who's phone is ringing?" said Zack.   "I don't know and the girls left their phones in the house." Matt said.          "Oh well" I said. Suddenly, I felt cold water on my body. I turned my head to see who it was. It was Lily. I looked at the boys while they also had cold water on them. The girls were laughing while still being behind us. We the boys looked at each other. Then, nodded our heads. I grabbed Lily, Matt grabbed Bianca, and Zack grabbed Alina. We flipped then over to our laps. The girls were blushing. Suddenly, someone started spraying us with the hose. It was freezing cold. We all started running for the back door. We entered the house.          "Who the fuck was that" said Bianca.  "I don't know" Lily said.         "Someone was stalking us" said Alina.            "Who?" Matt said.           "I don't know" said Alina.          "We are all wet isn't that going to ruin your floor Lily?" asked Zack.            "I don't give two fucks and this floor is tile" said Lily. She is so hot. (btw my cover for this story is Lily) She is funny too. It's good that she was in the same drama class and in the same play. I was her husband. I hope one day she can be mine. The girls got us boys towels.        "Thanks" we said.     "If you guys wanna take a shower tell me and I'm pretty sure you all want to take a shower" Lily said.           "Yeah…" we all said.             "Boys will take a shower down here and girls upstairs. Boys wait a second" Lily said. She went upstairs. I think you'll need this. She threw down Head & Shoulder for Men 2 in 1 and a comb on the couch.   The other girls went upstairs. I went in the shower 1st. 
I went in the shower 1st. It took me 7 minutes to take a shower. I got out of the shower and went into my room where Bianca and Alina were waiting. Bianca went into the bathroom next. I changed into my pjs in my closet. My pjs were a white tank top and black yoga shorts. I got out of my closet and walked over to my dresser. I got my brush and started brushing my hair. When I started brushing my hair, Bianca came out of the bathroom. Alina went running into the bathroom.        "There is clothes in the closet" I said. "Oh okay" Bianca said. She went in the closet.            "The tank top and yoga shorts?" asked Bianca.          "Yeah" I said.  I finished brushing my hair.  Bianca came out of the closet. Then, she started brushing her hair. Alina came out of the bathroom.            "Their is a tank top and yoga shorts for you in the closet" I said to Alina.             "Okay thanks" she said. I walked down stairs. I saw Tristan sitting on the couch.           "Hey" I said.               "Hey. Your couch is pretty big and comfy but why do you have 2 others?" he said.             "I don't know my dad chose to have 3 couches" I said.           "Oh. Come sit right next to me" he said.           "Okay" I said while walking over to his side and sitting. Then, Matt came out while Bianca was coming down the stairs. They both sat down on another couch next to each other.   5 minutes later Zack and Alina came and sat on the other next to each other. After a minute or 2,  I realized that the boys were in only boxers.               "Do you guys want me to wash your clothes?" I asked.                "Oh no I called Tyler and told him if he can bring me, Zack, and Tristan clothes after the wedding was done. I told him that we were at your house and I told him where it is. Thanks for asking though" said Matt.               "No problem" I said.            "Do you guys wanna sleepover?" I asked everyone.               "Yeah sure" said Alina and Bianca.             "Why not" said the boys. 

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